Nick Vujicic

I’m sure most of us have seen this before (if not many times already). But watching it again just gives me a lot of assurance and comfort that God promises us the fact that He will be with us throughout every obstacles and challenges. I like the way Nick talk about how we should not compare sufferings; we should not belittle what God has enabled us. Coming together as a family of God and standing in the promising of God. Nick testify that “he” is no inspiration but an empty vessel used by God to inspire others.

“So many times in our life that we talk about how we wish we could be this, or how we wish we could have that. But one of the key things in life is to be thankful. It is hard to be thankful when we are in the midst of trials and tests” It’s most painful when Nick said, “What kind of a man am I if I can’t even hold my wife’s hand?” Nick went on to say that it is a lie to think that we are not good enough and we are not worth anything.

“It is hard to smile through life sometimes when things happened that you don’t know when you don’t understand. You don’t know if you’re gonna get through it. You know you go through the storms in life but you don’t know how long this storm is going to be.”

Be thankful.
Be patient.

“But I stand before you today, as a miracle of God. To prove to everybody; a pure example of God’s grace, love and perfection. Tonight I am the miracle, we are more than confident. Circumstances do not have to change for you to become victorious. It is our heart that needs to be filled with the Holy Spirit”

And the video reminded yet again..
“God does not seek out our capabilities to serve Him. He seeks out our AVAILABILITY (Zechariah 4:6)

How amazing is our God? Amen



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