Short one for the night

First day back at work after being MIA for the past 3/5 days of last week – I’m not getting used to the lighting and the monitor.  Somehow I had a bad headache and my eyes felt rather strained.  Could be my eyes having a hard time adjusting to my contacts & the lighting.  I dunno.  I just know I had no time to think about all that.  Too much work and emails to address in the midst of having some cranky junk emails flying around occasionally.  Those monkeys sure know how to keep each other entertained 😛

HeeJuz couldn’t find the complete file for the movie.  Now he’s doomed.  Cos I’m cursing him 😛 Hahaha.. He’s scared.  He said he might have to act it out.  Lolx!  Boss came to talk to me today.  I thought I was dead meat.  Turned out he looked rather worried & careful when he spoke to me about giving up one of my documents to a writer in SJ.  He was all worried that I’ll have a big reaction.  I guess he must have taken aback with my super calm and almost inviting respond.  I gladly give that away…really.  I’m just tired of doing what I’m doing day in and day out.  Some are so easy that it’s just no brainer; some are so complicated for my pig brain but yet too easy to be given to anyone else.  So, I’m pretty much…redundant…really.  *sigh*

Had dinner with SaDu today :)  We had a hard time deciding what to have for dinner.  My appetite is not good.  I haven’t been able to eat much because of my bad digestion.  If you were to put a scope thru my throat can prolly still see half of my grill fish swimming with the spaghetti & cheese from SaDu.  @_* So, I decided to go with small portion and wait till I get hungry before I munch on anything.  Else, everything will just get stack on and I’ll end up suffering.  I printed the stickers for Kav’s wedding favors (cake from hotel).  Quite fun actually.  Next time I do my stickers, I’m gonna make sure I bring my own design 😀 Pretty cheap actually.  RM30 for 300pcs (normal ones) but I requested to print on transparent sticker with gold font.  So, that’s extra RM2 for every 10s.  Hence I paid RM36 for 300pcs and took back all the trial prints too (dunno what I’m gonna do with those :P).  I did a little shopping at Watson after SaDu left.  Bought 2 more tubes of Body Scrub (Cucumber + Loofa and Almond + something) and a scrubber stick.

Bibs wanted to have a drink after his meeting and asked me to pop by.  I went over after GP and took a nice long shower while waited for him to finish his meeting.  By the time he was done, I was half asleep and he’s half awake.  So we decided to just call off the drink idea and he sent me off (poor me… :P)

I’m very tired today.  Slept for less than 5 hours last night.  I have a meeting at 7AM tomorrow.  I have to get going and join everyone else at Dreamland. 

Talk to you tomorrow…if i have the time.



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