Just thought I’d write something

Was watching “He’s just not that into you” an hour ago.  Only to discover that the darn file is incomplete and now I’m gonna be heading to bed with half the storyline in my head and the other half might just slowly take form in my dream.  Dang!  I hate HeeJuz for that! Argh! Thought I could spend my Sunday evening quietly in my room (in the dark) just watching a light (and funny?) movie before I have to face my tomb tomorrow…but it just has to end this pathetically.  And then I had to discover this MV in Youtube

Slipped Away by Avril Lavigne


Seriously…I’m disturbed.  I’m very disturbed by the what half the movie has to say about men and relationship.  I am having this ball of fury & building-up hatred towards men.  At the thought of those who does not believe in marriage, or lies about liking loving you but doesn’t quite give a damn about calling you or even showing affection..and then goes around making it sound like you really are too good (or possibly too sucky) for him and hence it’s best you guys go on separate ways….

I mean… MEN!! Arggh!  *grrrr* 

Fine.  I am over reacting about half the movie that I’ve watched.  But you can’t blame me.  I’m hanging by the thread.  I feel the movie.  I actually empathize the women.  I can’t help but keep responding “Oh Sh*t! That freakin sounds like him” or “Damn..I think he’s right…He’s just NOT that into you”  *arrgh*

*breathe in…breathe out…inhale…exhale*.. *oooommmm*…  *do some Yoga*…

I will wait for the missing half before I pull the remaining hair out.


On a less pathetic note, I finally bought my dresses for the weddings.  Somebody say Amen?! :D  Seriously, PTL for finding my 1st dress in 30 mins! C’mon..oriental flava…cost effective…and LAST darn minute shopping! If this is not God’s work, then I guess I own the whole world! (No, I didn’t drink that Black Chicken vodka and I’m not high on caffeine..I’m just stressed)  Anyways, I found a short hot pink dress with a kinda Chinese collar lookalike.  I don’t know how to describe it.  Let’s just say it looks rather casual but yet tasteful (i think) for a wedding dinner that I don’t exactly emphasize in :P  So, for RM139, you’ve got to say I’m damn lucky.  Oh, Cookies, don’t worry, no bling bling.  So, if you ever see it coming your way again…at least it’s something that you might be able to wear 😛 LOLx  Next, I spent almost 3hours getting my saree picked today.  Seriously…these ladies are wayyyy…wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fickle minded!  I tried Yellow, Pink, Blue, Turquoise, Pastel Blue, Pastel Orange, Purple, Dark Purple, Brown, Black, White and god-knows-what-other-colors-that-my-vocabulary-is-unable-to-describe.  And Kav’s mum said no black or white initially.  Guess what?  We got a black one.  Honestly, I’m very attracted to bling bling materials (Cookies…U’re forbidden to comment about this..i  mean it! 😛) I tried to explain that the black saree has lack of bling bling and hence make me look like an Amma.  But no…they insisted it look good.  But yes, it’s not ugly don’t get me wrong.  But I just felt it look less elegant or classy.  Neways, it’s liddat I noticed.  It takes other pple to tell you what’s nice (or not).  So, I trust them.  If Aunty and Kav’s Bro says the black one is nice, I trust them 😀 Hey, I honestly felt that I should go audition for Bollywood or something.  Saree is so damn stunning! Lovitt! I would marry an Indian guy just for the sake of wearing a Saree.  Oh well, I was closed.   But… Oh well…

Anyways, both dresses are being altered now.  My saree top is in the process of being sewn.  I chose a pretty simple blouse cos I don’t wanna get entangled inside while trying to get into one.  I requested to get a ready-made saree since the last thing I want is to trouble pple with my falling skirt 😛 LOLx…we all had a good laugh imagining me emcee-ing behind the podium while some lady had to tie my saree back for me :P  Anyways, I’m getting a nice deep-V for my blouse (back only cos Aunty said dont do deep-V for front..nothing to see :P) ROTFLMAO!! Aiya..will show you when I get the saree or something..or maybe when I wear it during the wedding 🙂

I have a shitload of stuffs waiting for me to do tomorrow at work.  Then, I have another shitload of stuffs waiting for me to do for the weddings too.  Now I’m in deepshit… 😦



Don’t wanna think.  Just sleep.  Headache.  I need another MC.


6 thoughts on “Just thought I’d write something

  1. I also watched this movie. I am not sure if I did over-react or what-so-ever. It did give me a second thought on relationship.

    And, I also discover the MV from youtube! I am not sure if we got it from the same source… 😀

    Btw, I got a black blouse yesterday. 😀

    • I haven’t finish the movie!!…so, don’t tell me yet k? It’s disturbing enuff. I got all depressed last nite (majorly becos of work la).. *sigh*

      Yes, i believe it’s from the same source..and I kept repeating it until I went offline…at 2AM… argh. I have to try to download it 😛

      Yey!! we both bought something black 😛

  2. Deep V huh!:P How typically you!:D HAHAHA. *Stands and guards the entrance to her wardrobe with passion* Bling bling or not… I’m sure u will look great. Do post up a picture of it. Me wanna see!!!:)

    Hahah, told u the Black Chicken vodka would be effective:P Postman will bring it to u if he’s driving.

    • Dont laugh! 😛 Hahaha…I still have my bling bling dress!! 😛 But then again..If I can finally trim down those thighs…I might find a good chance to put it on 😛 We’ll see. I was really hoping to get a colored Saree..at least it’ll be something different in my wardrobe. 😛 I liked the yellow one….cos the girl (Latika) in Slumdog wore a yellow shawl at the end of the movie 😛 I thought that was cool… hahaha..

      Waiting (im)patiently for my polluted bird 😛

  3. i am too tired to comment anything. But just to let u know…. i am updated with saree and V V V and bling bling till now i see bling bling on my computer:P

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