Let’s bring in some colors!

It’s a Saturday! How precious is weekend to us working folks! :D  So, I thought I’ll spare everyone from sicky post and just take a break from all that.  Before that, do you realize you didn’t see any pre-dawn post? *winky winky*

Before we go into the colors, I just thought I wanna commemorate the Mr. DragonFly who appeared at my room on Thursday morning and stayed with me until…I discovered he died :(  Well, SaDu claimed that she sent Mr. DragonFly to accompany me.  And just when I thought I could make friend with him, I think he was fried in the high temperature of my room.  I’m sorry.  Really.  You were quite a companion for a lonely day.

I tried very hard to capture a good macro shot but the lighting and fan in the room didn’t make it easy; plus the cranky head

I didn’t really show you guys the glass deco work that I did last Saturday (while I was still down with flu and all).  It was fun and praise God everything went well.  The only problem I had was patience! 😛 I got too excited and wanted to wrap everything up so that Queen won’t continue nagging at me for messing up the place.  Hence, the last batch of 40 designs didn’t exactly dry up properly.  If you look closely at them, you can tell how blotchy they are.  All 104 cups have been successfully packed into the big-thick-ass box; so, I’m praying hard by the time I open them next Saturday, everything has dried up beautifully..and…no mold..and NO sticking to one another!  So, here goes..

Hehe…show you my breakfast that morning first 😛 I like this cutey pasta (dunno whats it call). They are like little skirts

Unpacking more tealight holders from IKEA. Pretty smart packaging. I have finished the 60 cups (behind) by then

When I working on the 40 designs, I had to use a new bottle of SparklingRed.  A new bottle means more nuisance because I have to deal with more inconsistencies in texture.  And true enuff, there was a lot of curdled glue that I have to fight with!  And I was worried the grease that came along with the glue would dilute the color.  Hence, I really drowned the designs with shitload of glue :P  Thank god the black outlines were thick enough to hold the drowning red…

While waiting for the 40 designs to dry. Took more than 4 or 5 hours and still designs could not dry up properly.

I thought of recording down the process of transferring the design so that I’ll remember how its done :)  It’s really fun you know.  Now I know why those kids would be stuck at those little counters and play forever :P  Lucky spoilt brats!

We’ll go L-R:

  1. I used a tweezer to pick up the corners of the outline cos I do not want to apply any extra pressure in pulling and tugging.  Doing so, will only destroy the shape of the design (trust me..it’s very easy to distort it!)
  2. Then, slowly & gently, I used my thumb (not the tip but the entire thumb) to lift+support the design. Kinda like let the deco rest on my thumb.  The idea is to not let the parts which have left the greasy paper fall over and touch the remaining deco.  If that happens, they’ll stick together like glue!
  3. Again, no tugging..no pulling!
  4. Measure on the cup and try to rest the center vertical bone of the deco on the cup first because of the round surface.  that way, you can ensure a symmetrical design (somewhat)
  5. Then, gently just use your fingers to tap the sides down – again, don’t pull!  Just let it fall naturally.  Hence, that explains why I drew my design with the bottom narrower than the top to flow with the shape of the cup (instead of having an entire square design which actually looks better)
  6. Done! You can tell it’s a little blotchy (uneven) because this one hasn’t dried up properly 😦

There you go! 104 cups..all DONE! 🙂 I’m so proud of myself 😀

Then, comes the packing time.  I used the round separators that came along with the IKEA tealight holders to line the outer two corners of the box since those were the spare areas.  Needed them to stop the cups from moving around.  It’s really a blessing that the cups slants at the sides and hence the designs actually won’t touch each other unless they topple onto one another; side by side.  I kept all the designs far away from the sides of the boxes because that too would cause the design to get ruined.  And I do not have any spares to offer!  I then cut some Spritzer boxes up (thanks to SaDu) and created the 2nd and 3rd level to accommodate all the cups.  The last level had a lot of spare space since I only filled up merely half the box.  So, Bibs and I stuffed newspaper balls all over and used some of the tealight holder crates to hold everything down.  By then, those little round separators would not do us any good cos they will be running all over anyways!

From raw designs to the cups to the packing..and DONE! Voila!

So, there goes all the hard work :)  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the transportation and all the hoo-ha next week will not harm the cups.  I can’t wait to see the effects! Honestly, I know it won’t be highly appreciated.  You know la…Chinese wedding reception.  Everyone would be so busy jumping into the food and prolly would shove aside anything that blocks their way on the lazy Susan *sigh*  but nevermind.  This part of the wedding organizing work, I enjoyed 🙂

I skipped practice last night and also the meeting this morning.  So, I have to prepare for the meeting in the evening with the band.  I have yet to finalize the program and also meet with the florist.  I get cold feet when it’s one week from the wedding and I hear no news from people! Scary!

Hope ya weekend is good.  It rained last night.  I’m happy 🙂



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