I’m slowly seeing my prayer being answered.  But until then, I will just continue to go into diligent prayer and let God do His great miracles.  Only He knows what’s needed and how else to beautify an island by surrounding it with shining corals.  PTL!

I’m encouraged by the power of prayers 🙂

and another thing to praise God for.  I have recovered from my fever today.  I’m very happy.  My headache is still lingering around along with my sore throat; but I feel so free without having to keep crawling back to my bed to get over the burning heat.  PTL!

I thought today will be a busy weekend, but again, PTL! He gave me the opportunities to take away 2 appointments and made my 1 and only appointment today short and simple.  Just nice for my recovering body & brain to cope.  Had a slow & easy evening with Bibs.  Also dinner with 2e & 2j (always love their company) and a quick grocery shopping at the flooding Tesco!

Nice.  Not to mention the crazy group chats with SaDu & Jup! I’m so thankful for these two crazily stressed GFs of mine! I’m most thankful that they are able to help me watch over each other while I’m so occupied on my end.  Sorry I haven’t been able to make time.  I’ll make up to you guys soon!

Gonna go rest now.  Blessed Sunday!


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