Pre-dawn post again

It has slowly become a habit…become predictable that you will get an early post from me.  Yes,’s back.  The cycle has gone a little haywire.  Started to fall back into a 4-hourly marathon yesterday and takes more than 2 hours just for the heat to subside.  So, you can imagine how tiring it was for me cos it just felt like a non-stop race with the temperature, head8 and body8.  Me no like at all.  Last night I popped in dual panadols at 8PM and knocked off till 10PM.  Got up feeling pretty uneasy but I just didn’t feel like staying in bed.  Hung around…surfed a little…and decided to just crawl back to bed.  Thought I’ll have trouble sleeping but after the last SMS I received from Sis LChen…I must have konked off!  Until around 4.30AM…I realized I’ve been breathing under my covers…seeking for the warmest part of the room I bet. I swear..the room felt like a freezer and for a moment i thought GAMA-Lady was trying to play tricks on me by bringing the temperature down further (verified;’s just the same 24C Fan level 1)

One of my sick-food. The nicer one in fact..I’m beginning to fear porridge & fish..

I had to get out of my room.  Freeeezzziinnnggg.  Did some surfing…waited.  My head wasn’t exactly hurting that much and neither did my body really show signs of a fever creeping in.  So, I’m gonna wait.  But as I begin to type this entry, it’s more obvious than nothing that it’s back! Eeek. I hate to imagine how I’m going to survive today because Queen & King is going to be out the whole day & nite…not good! I need to get back to the doctor and fetch myself an MC to the least (Boss is so particular about the darn MC these days that he prolly doesn’t care if I’m dead or alive).  I am really tempted to request for new antibiotics.  Each time my fever comes back, my throat hurts a whole damn lot 😦 The throat infection is really making my body go all cranky.

I counted last nite.  I have had 11 fever since Tuesday night.  You do the math for the number of panadols I have taken.  I’m running low in pain killers for my bodyaches too.  Not a good sign eh?

Now u know what’s white, magenta & blue..and I’m running low in magenta..and the blue is not working fast enuff

This weekend is gonna be pretty hectic.  So, I really need to get myself well.  Oh crap. I have a practice tonight.  There is a high chance I may have to call it off before the entire team comes down with fever & sorethroat.  Plus, there is really no way I can croak in this condition.  Oh Lord, heal me before the weekend comes.  I’m suppose to meet with PT boss, the band and have a food tasting tomorrow.  I have to at least cover 2 of that.  I have a shitload of work undone at work and the emails are piling up.  I peek at my mailbox and couldn’t stare at the unread mails too long.  They freak me out big time :-S  Yea, i have workaphobia :-S

I foresee there will be a lot of talking to do this weekend.  There’s much to talk about to decide how the future would be like.  Really.  I need the assurance and I need the confidence.  I need to see the commitment and the change.  At this mo, honestly…I am just not convinced.  I have thought about it the whole night.  So, it’s not just for the sake of another drama.  I’ve had enuff of that too.  We’ll make time for that.  Would you?  Come prepared…please…

It’s 6AM.  In some ways I’m tempted to go shower & get ready to work.  But I admit I’m lazy.  Plus realistically, I know I won’t last.  The AC at work will drive me up the walls and I might just cling on to Lyshia and bite her for comfort.  @_@

So, for now, I’m just gonna slowly ease myself back into bed.  My head is pounding.  My back is aching.  My toes are…frozen.  Good night world. 


Ps: Cookies, have a good one.  Gonna miss you dearly and hopefully I get to catch you on that one day before you go off again 😦

Pps: SaDu, I didn’t get to catch you yesterday.  Wish mum a pleasant trip for me wud ya? 🙂

Ppps:  RogTi, u bugger! It’s your last day of work today if I’m not wrong!! 😛 Well, whether it is or not, we are all rejoicing together! 😛

Pppps: Jup, I really hope everything is well on your end.  Hang in there.  Weekend is here dy! BREATHE!

Ppppps: TheNomad, hope everything else is fine at your end

Pppppps: Meekoo, you’ve been away for a long time.  Hope the break is doing you good and life is not really drowning you behind the papers and clips! 😛


5 thoughts on “Pre-dawn post again

  1. Dude…take MC today. Get rested up. Spend some time with your bible. Laze in bed. Watch a DVD. 😛 Just take some time for yourself lah.


    No, it’s not my last day today…11th June. Leaving a stable paying job to one where I don’t know if I’ll get my paycheck. Not sure how much rejoicing I’ll be doing!

    Take care, yea. Keeping you in prayers.

    • Thanks bro…I am on MC. Just hope to really get well soon and have a clearer head. U know..when the body is weak..all else turns weak 🙂

      anyways, don’t worry about the job & paycheck thingy. Really, I think God gave you the peace to get out of that rut, He will provide accordingly.

  2. Thanks dear… I will inform my mum that. AArrgghh…… I am going to be all alone in a few hours time….. Sob Sob……

    Please get well soon !!! I dont like seeing you sick….. 😦
    It breaks my heart seeing you in pain too. I will be keeping you in prayers. Trust in Him always 😀

  3. Didn’t know your sick so serious!!!

    Wanted to have lunch with you de… My work is like your sickness. But I have no cure… And I have to work through the weekend. But.. I ain’t obedient engineer.. hehehhee.. I went to Gurney Plaza for a slow lunch, and hang in Popular.. hahaha~~ Now, back to work…

    oppss.. and check your blog. 😉 Now you gals update blog more frequently than I do! 😀

    • Yala…hehe..summore ask me out for lunch 😛 Altho I was tempted but I really couldnt. Boh lat. Next week when I get better then we go ok? Maybe we can attempt a dinner with SaDu when I can (prolly after June 20) 😛

      In the meantime, don’t go insane with your work’s good you are disobedient 😛 You should go distress and really enjoy before you slave. I’m at granny’s place…if only u called me again 😛 Hehehe..

      Be good ya! and..erm…enjoy your weekend in your own ways la…be creative 🙂

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