Poked & Pee-ed

My mood was real nasty this morning. Queen likes to do this intrusive checking on me where she comes into my room, turns on the light; wakes me with the utmost lacking of gentleness and punches me on my upper arm. All these followed by “Sei tak mei ar?” (Are you dead yet in cantonese). I guess that’s what you call Love in my household >.< She insisted that I should go to the hospital and get admitted cos my fever is not subsiding and I appear dead in bed (i was sleeping!!). I remember being nasty and told her not to bother cos I'll figure it out myself. And just before she left the house, she came barging in (and I was already dozing back to sleep); punch my arm, pushes my body away from my bolster and plonk a thick wet towel with ice cubes wrapped inside..and dashed off. GRRRRR… I snapped! Sorry..

Anyways, I was eventually woken up by a phone call from CeCe. Apparently they sneaked my IC number and made appointment at the hosp without my knowledge or approval. So granny and 2j came along with CeCe to pick me up. Of cos they were surprise to see me still able to crack jokes! C’mon..I’m fine..!! I just need to endure the fever and I’ll be alright again. They just won’t believe me… 😦 But anyways, granny went with me to the hospital and followed me from the clinic to the lab (where I was poked & my blood was taken) and back to the clinic and then to the dispensary…and then the cashier..and then back to granny’s. *touched* How sweet eh? 🙂 Really..I’m so blessed to have such wonderful people around me to love me despite the amount of time I spend with them or the amount of money I could ever contribute to repay their kindness. Yes, I grumbled about the whole hospital ordeal (i really knew I didn’t need that)…but I know above all, it was truly for my own good and out of great concern from them *all grins* Oh..I missed out one thing..I had to pee in the container too…>.< I know i know..too much details 😛

So, after the hosp visit…I lied 😛 LOLx I text GAMA-lady & me mum. Told them that I’m finally quarantined and my granny had to “visit” me from outside a glass aquarium 😛 How cool is that eh? Even told them my phone batt was low and I don’t have my charger (sounded real pathetic but it’s the truth ok!). I think they fell for it 😛 Cos I was later bombed for that… LOLx. Hey, I’m sick ok. I have the rights to pull some pranks rite? *grins*

I’m still at granny’s. Had some super nice porridge and rested a little albeit the pain and the blardy aches. Just took a shower…and now I’m just waiting to go home. It’s terrible for me when I don’t have any internet access..honestly. I miss Harry/Ethan a lot now 😛 I’m such a hopeless internet addict. But thankfully…after I got over the aches…I dragged my arse to CeCe’s MAC 😀 So…that explains why I’m back on.

Ok..I’m gonna cut here abruptly. Cos CeCe is complaining that I write a lot. So fine. I get off *hmmph*



6 thoughts on “Poked & Pee-ed

  1. you are one internet addict……. hehehe like me…… join the club.
    hey you health is more important so PLEASE and i am begging you to get well soon.
    I am finally working OT and going home to an empty house. Should I be happy or …………

    Well…… get well soon. Sorry (from the bottom of my heart) I didnt manage to visit you….. while you are sick. But if you need anything, pls let me know!!! Promise?

    • Hmm..now u make me feel sad that U’re alone 😦 Hope you’ll find some ways to keep yourself occupied. I’m sure to kacau u whenever I can ok? If you ever need a companion for lunch or dinner, let me know ahead of time 🙂 and Jup too!

      and…no wories la! No need to visit me. When I’m not down with fever and lying on my bed..I’m as active as ever 🙂 In fact, I just work up. So, I’m sure I’m getting better already. See u soon!!

  2. oh well… yeah i am trying to keep myself busy as ever……… hahahaha trying…. =D

    Glad to hear that you are better already…. hope you are fully recovered!

    Keep in touch…. adios amigo

    • I dunno what test tho 😛 I just know doc said I’m healthy 😛 and that I’m fat 😦 He said I should be at most 55kg… and asked me to cut down rice & meat…up the consumption of veg & fruits. So much of empathy for a sick patient 😛

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