Brrrr… *ouch*

My throat is hurting madness already.  The antibiotic is not working fast enough.  I can only take it twice a day.  I am tempted to increase that to “Finish all in 1 seating”.  Don’t tempt me!

Woken up rudely by my shivering body – already hiding like a little rabbit under my covers completely covered from head to toe.  The nagging words from the Queen “Sick also you wear until so short and not covered!” kept ringing in my head.  Instantaneously my mind went thru a wardrobe search.  Looks like i need to get up and pull something over.  3/4 asleep and eyes 1/2 opened, I headed to my wardrobe in the dark – miraculously pulled out my PJ.  Grabbed my mug & my medication on the way out.

Just popped in 3 Vitamins (750mg), 1 pain killer (Brufen) and 1 panadol (500mg).  Shove it all down with water followed by 2 baby bananas.  I do know bananas are not advisable since my digestive system may find it hard to digest.  But at 3.30AM…I can’t be making a nice cup of drink (which prolly only Horlicks is permitted – YUCK) and make myself a nice spread of toast (yea rite!).  The closest & easiest – bananas.

*1..2..3…* Ok…7.5 hours gap since my last fever (before I went off to meet Kav & parents).  That’s a sign of improvement from 4 hours or 5 hours (for the one after my visit to the doctor).  I didn’t bother to check my temperature this round. My body is the thermometer already.  The pain and the shiver.

Oh craps…King woke up @_@ But I think he sleepwalked.. How come he walked out..and meddled with the water-boiler…and then head out to the TV?? 😛 So odd… Nevermind.

Anyways, I’m most surprise to catch someone still awake at this wee hour.  And someone was equally shocked to see me too 😛 Now I’m a little regretting for sending someone to bed.  I could have kept someone around to chitty chat while my body gets back a little to room temperature :P  Hehe… but nevermind.  To that someone: Stop doing this! You need rest!! 😛

I’m in crossroad (yea, my turn).  While his repentance sounded genuine; I really don’t know how to find the strength to forgive.  To ask me to forget and set aside the past, and move on…it sounds so difficult.  Reminds me then about TheNomad.  All these are nothing compared to what he had gone thru.  That’s prolly true Godly love.  Prrf… Will see where God leads me.  I just want to me quiet…

*ouch* My tummy seems to be responding to the pills.  I know the packaging says “After Meal”.  Well, I had 2 slices of bread with strawberry jam + cheddar cheese around 11PM.  Isn’t that counted? I think I ought to head back to my crib.  Perhaps turn off the AC or something :-S But i would prefer to turn off everything cos the chill air really gets my limbs cold and bodyaches.  But…I can’t be murdering GAMA-Lady *gulp*

Grrr…… Nite!


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