It has mutated!

I keep falling sick (exclude the occasional MCs I take of cos). But it’s not funny when I fall sick twice in a month. First the flu and the fever (with mild bodyaches). Then the cough was left behind to linger. Now, my sore throat came back full scale along with marathons of fever & bad bodyaches. I kid you not. I now know for sure I have joints >.<

I have diligently popped in panadols cos my tolerance to pain seemed to have dropped drastically. Either that, or my darn aches are just too achy. While I sit in the dark at Dark-Choc’s PC waiting for the paracetamol to take effect, I just curled up like a prawn cos the intensity of pain at my lower back & hip is tremendous. Not to mention my knees & calves…ankles & heels 😦 and my freezing limbs :-S *gulp*

Just not a good time to fall sick. Not when I’m finding ways to sleep (left the cough mixture that Giant graciously gave me from his many attempts to get MC). Guess today I have a good valid reason to stay at home. It is really not a good time to go back to office and spread my germs. I worried for the folks who were trapped in the same meeting room as I was yesterday. For hours I was trembling in cold and pain…and I thought it was the darn AC…turned out I had been having fever since.

Ok..I go lie down. Beh tong dy.. :-S For you folks out there who are healthy & well…STAY well! Dont come near me… U have a weekend & holidays to look forward to!



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