Dang! Credit Card Fraud!

Craps! I opened up my credit card statement a while ago and saw these…

What the?! I called the Call Center and was told that I have to go download a Dispute form, fill it up and fax that damn form in so that the bank can investigate.  Takes about 1 to 2 months to know if it’s a fraud! And the guy from the Call Center (who sounded as tho he had been fasting for ages..) said, “If can, then you pay the amount first.  We will refund if confirm a fraud”… Urgh!!

I have to fork out additional 700+ to clear that darn statement… bencinye!! 😦

Now I am credit card-less cos I have to cancel the card and get a new one.  Hate them 😦

Who/What the hell is VEMMA BUILDER!! Scammers!!

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