Busy busy..

I have much to write about but each time i get to Harry and place my fingers at the keyboard….I can’t remember what I want to type.  Blog-constipation!  Anyways, I’m a little tired now and i don’t think my brain will function very well (as if it has ever functioned eh? :P) I’ll pen down some items randomly…


Birthday Celebration & Gifts

Last Sunday, Tairvlyn came up to me with darling Rach and passed me a little bag containing my belated b’day gift.  It’s a Metal Cross 😀

“In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths”

Never thought I’d still get b’day gifts after 3 weeks post-b’day!  Then, that afternoon while I was at GP with Bibs to run some errands, LChen text us to ask if we are up for a hike at Youth Park.  Since I was already planning to go for a dip (and doing so, Bibs can’t swim and instead will be left alone), so I thought why not?!  Hence, that evening all 4 of us (LChen & CJ) went hiking up Point 5.  It was a little taxing for me since it’s been so long.  Panted a little.  Took some breaks between those long winding steps.  Definitely not as easy as I thought it would be compared to last time.  After our successful hike, LChen & CJ bought us fruit juice! We ordered Avocado+Banana (CJ), Nutmeg (LChen & OCR) and Avocado+Pineapple (Bibs..and I taxed of cos).  Then, we decided to go for dinner together after a quick shower at home.  That’s the fun part about staying so closeby (CJ’s house is just at the corner of where Bibs stay).  We had a wonderful & super scrumptious dinner at Sri Ananda at Tj Bungah.  Again, LChen & CJ foot the bill – to celebrate my belated b’day and also to welcome Bibs to the neighborhood! I was so happy! I felt so blessed & love knowing that so many people actually take the trouble to remember my b’day and make the effort to celebrate with me :) 

Fast forward >> I had lunch with SaDu on her last day of MC.  Finally, I get my b’day gift which has been sitting in her house for weeks and weeks 😛


Love the bag! My first ever PURPLE tote! It’s from Vinci 🙂


Thanks to my cubebour, I discovered this Aussie snack call SHAPES.  As the brand suggests, the biscuit is in an odd hexagon shape and it comes in a few different flavor (I know there’s Cheddar & Pizza so far).

I tried the pizza flavor from my cubebour and fell in love with the saltiness! Coincidentally, I went to Tesco that night with the King & Queen and chance upon SHAPES!

I couldn’t resist.  Hence, I bought a box..and now it’s my daily snack at work which I cherish slowly.  Good thing Giant hasn’t discovered it yet. Else, it would have been gone within minutes.  I gave 1/3 of it to Bibs.  He said it tasted like Twisties and didn’t sound too fond of it.  But he finished it that day itself >.<


Diet & Workout

This would be a short one.  I’m happy I managed to swim last night. I feel so lethargic the whole week despite my sore calves from the hike.  I managed to clock 10 laps (=1km).  Happy.  No other achievements so far.  The weighing machine at the gym at work is spoilt.  I’m fated to not know my current new weight.  Hope to go for a walk later if my energy level is still…high.


Impulsive purchase – my new friend

Saw this cute little fella when I was heading to Starbucks to grab a cuppa for Bibs after my lunch with SaDu.  I confess.  It’s an impulsive purchase.  But c’mon..!! Who could resist???

 Paraffin wax – RM3.00.  Ok rite? 😀


Sworn fans create a scene

I wanted to buy SaDu a drink since i was getting a cuppa at Starbucks.  She refused and insisted to go back to Coffee Bean.  Put me in a bad position… @_o

It’s embarrassing!! Everyone was wondering that the balls does this pig have?!


Boring training marathon

Lately my great boss decided to put us through some torturing training to beef us up so that we can take in MORE work from US.  We have to go through a stretch of 3 to 4 hours of training at one go; twice a week! I really hate being trapped in a room for so darn long.  Although I must say the training does do me some good :P  But this week…I really found it difficult to concentrate..and I couldn’t help it…

  I guess I never mentioned I’m a Sr Engineer eh? >.<

Giant talked about Mr Ho’s that day and the roasted pork was stuck in my head. And I remembered the bacon wrap which MJ made for BBQ

J asked how could my set lunch go without desert.  And this came in mind. Sorry for the lousy pancake drawing >.<

Nothing can go wrong with a cuppa to wrap up a nice set lunch.  (I couldn’t draw the mermaid logo for Starbucks. That’s why I drew this :P)

And I think my boss saw this.  DannyBoy asked sarcastically during our short break in between “Where were you today?” 😛


Oh.  Looks like I’m done with the pictures.  Right now, my eyelids are getting heavier.  I’ve been working on the stain glass deco since morning.  The last 40 designs seem to take a long time to dry.  I tried to work on them just now but almost ruined them because the Spakle Red was still a little wet and you can see the blotches everywhere.  Will try again later.  Now I just need to close my eyes and take a rest 🙂




One thought on “Busy busy..

  1. Hope you like your first purple tote bag.

    I love your drawings!!! They are so nice and cute!!! =D
    Hope to see more of your drawings in the future…. and post it in the blog ya, k?

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