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As time draws closer and closer to the weddings that I’m organizing in June, everyone is starting to panic…including me! I have exactly 3 weeks to before my couz’s wedding which I am literally running the show alone.  That’s going to be really hectic because i remember how it was like 3 years ago when I went solo for another couz’s wedding which almost got me crippled by the end of the night and not to mention leaving me slurping MAMA’s Tomyam Maggi at midnight.  Of cos, the satisfaction overcomes all stress :)  It’s always good to be able to help reduce the stress and really watch the newly wed couple enjoy the evening and have something to remember about.  Nothing beats having a meaningful and memorable wedding… So, with the upcoming ones, I’m getting a little jittery cos I have taken a break in 2007 & 2008 because of studies and unnecessary physical stress.  All I had done were just some minor roles which I don’t even have to stress about anything!

Since I’m running out of time, I grabbed hold of every possible minute today to work on the stain glass deco. I did the stock take and I have 102 glasses to finish.  SaDu has agreed to help me draw the deco (thank u!) and hence I plan to split the workload so that she doesn’t have to work on it all alone; it is afterall…her resting period! (feel bad slaving her :P) I have already done up 1 sample and as I’m blogging, 8 more is drying up.  Honestly, I am not very please with my work.  It’s really not clean & perfect…the design is not crisp & clear but Queen assured me this morning that it’s the imperfection that made it beautiful; handmade & unique! *grin*  Well, I guess it’s too late to decide what is better. 

You can see how imperfect the design turned out – crooked & not vivid. If you look at it in an artistic angle,’s OK

The black glue brings out the design very well although GAMA-lady thinks it’s a little spooky..kinda like Halloween >.<  Does it?  Again, too late to say Yes 😛 Hahaha.. I just thought it would be better than having Poppy Red for outline.  Drawing the design gets trickier when the consistency of the glue changes every now and then.  And if you meet a bubble and you press the glue out from the bottle, you can expect a challenge in cleaning up the edges of the design. In addition, the Sparkle Red glue has problem mixing well with the oil which leaves the texture of the glue very inconsistent.  While I was trying hard to fill up the empty gaps within the outline, I had a hard time when the glue started dispensing curdled pink glue! Gee…can this get any harder? @_o  So, SaDu, please do expect to come across all sorts of funny problems.  Giant helped me grab a few stirrer from Mackers.  So, using that, I kinda stir the Sparkle Red glue a little before starting to use especially after it has rested for quite a bit.  That helps to mix the glaze (or oil) up.  Drawing the design is the first part of the challenge.  When this is done, we will have to remove the design and transfer to the glass.  That’s gonna be a tough one.  And to top it all up..I am still cracking my head on how to transport all the glass around because we cannot allow the designs to meet each other or they will stick together.  Which means, no stacking, no placing side by side where the design meets, no placing design right next to the paper box or i can just bid farewell to our hardwork! Sounds bad enuff? 😛

Anyways, just thought I will show you my original idea which I am so in love with – one being a Poppy Red and curly wurly.  You can see how injured the design is because I really…really..REALLY…had a hard time transferring it by trial & error.  But i just lovitt! Wish I could make the design come true…*sigh*  Anyways, i have to remove it soon to make way for the real deal.  Nice? 🙂

This morning I went to meet Kav’s parents to discuss about the wedding stuffs for the first time.  The challenge with an Indian customary wedding is the details…the AMOUNT of details you have to remember & pay extra attention to.  What’s more, Uncle G is superbly demanding & extremely no-nonsense kind of person! I tell you…when I helped out in Kav’s sister’s wedding 3 years was…stressFULL 😛 But it was fun! Real fun! Cos I get to wear a Punjabi suit to the wedding and worked with folks in Temple of Fine Arts.  This time around, I will be wearing a Saree (Aunty G will help me select the right color…what color do you think works for me? She has already eliminated black & white :P) and again, I’ll be working with the same crew from Temple of Fine Arts to coordinate on the Classical Indian dance items.  Kav’s husband is a Mauritian Indian (SaDu, I need to talk to you about this!) and hence I’m trying to find a way to tone down the Indian wedding flavor down so that I can blend in some Mauritian custom; kinda like a wedding in a wedding eh?! I mean for one..I can’t speak French other than Boujour and Au Revoir! (Nomad, looks like I need a crash course from u! :P)  Anyways, I have a lot to pick up & work out for this wedding.  It is always a challenge when you come in in between and not forgetting the lack of time.  But I guess it’s also a good time where you can be a bit more productive cos it’s crucial for decisions to be made and no more nonsense! Good thing is, Kav is arriving home on Monday from the US of A :) 

Crystal Ballroom smells really musky & stuffy..and..erm…Arabian look?

I went to check out the ballroom that Kav’s wedding reception will be held (morning customary wedding will be at a different venue).  Bibs drove me up to Bayview Beach Hotel – darn far..and winding (Cookies…I salute you for being able to endure that!).  My heavy lunch of rice & dumpling didn’t help make me feel anywhere better @_@ By the time we made it to the hotel, I was already in the verge of puking and Bibs; half awake (he had 2 big Cantonese dumpling with 3 other baby ones and top it up with rice!) I didn’t get to meet the person I’ll be liaising with since I didn’t really make an appointment with her and she just so happened to have stepped out at the time I was there.  The hotel looked really under-maintain.  It has been about 6 years since I was there (when I started working) and honestly, i don’t remember the place being painted white & pink.  I mean… WHITE and PINK?? It’s got to be the most economical choice of paint color rite? Next thing you know..they may just change it to electric blue and violet @_@

The ID of the hotel seriously has this Arabian flavor..and the fixtures they have..totally not impressive.

One thing impressive about the hotel is the marble flooring and the marble wall in the toilets 😛 Other than that, I guess I will have to slowly discover.  I will be seeing more of the hotel (which I dread the journey very very badly) and I have my schedule packed again with meetings…and MEETINGS… :(  Gonna check out the dancers & select music next weekend.  Wish me luck!

I’m supposed to be doing my PT work…but… eek!!

P/s: Looks like I didn’t exactly disappear 😛


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