The Phoenix

Jup spotted a Phoenix structure at the roundabout of QB today after our lunch with DaJie.  Took her a while to accept that the colorful but completely out of place thing was meant to be a Phoenix bird.  DaJie kinda asked why the Phoenix?  And somehow, the smart alec in me figured out that it could be because it’s Queensbay…hence the Phoenix which at that point..I obviously thought it is a feminine bird.

I thought I discovered something major today and decided to Google it up a little after I got up from my afternoon nap (yes, I went home to rest).  Looks like I have always been uninformed of the gender of the Phoenix bird a.k.a. 凤凰 (Feng Huang) in Chinese.  From our conversations in the car as we drove past the structure, I thought I discovered the major mistake of mankind thinking that the Dragon has always been the masculine symbol while the Phoenix; the feminine.  Turned out, actually the colorful bird that we have always known is actually the 风 (Feng) which is the masculine one (naturally I guess since most male animals look much more attractive than the female).  Hence, the Chinese all around the world who had been treating the symbol of Dragon & Phoenix (龙凤) seems a little odd…right? I mean…doesn’t that mean the Dragon & the Phoenix are gay??

Very nice colorful image of the Phoenix – But i cant tell where’s the head..can u?

Oh well, as I Googled on, I realized it’s a known fact that the Phoenix has two genders – the Feng being the male and the Huang being the female.  And when placed together with the Dragon (used only by the King), naturally the Phoenix takes a feminine role (used only by the Empress) despite it being known as the Feng (I sense some gender confusion there!)

Fenghuang are mythological birds of East Asia that reign over all other birds. The males are called Feng and the females Huang. In modern times, however, such a distinction of gender is often no longer made and the Feng and Huang are blurred into a single feminine entity so that the bird can be paired with the Chinese dragon, which has male connotations (Wikipedia, FengHuang)

How sad eh? Just when you thought you are equally manly and you get to be the next closest fabric to the Empress – you’re being asked to take de-masculine yourself and be..erm… Ah Kua??

It is one of the Four Spiritually Endowed, or Sacred, Creatures and like the dragon and ky-lin, with which it is always associated, it is both yin and yang. When it is the male feng it becomes yang, solar, the fire bird; but as the huang it is feminine, yin, and lunar.

When portrayed with the dragon as a symbol of the Emperor, the phoenix becomes entirely feminine as the Empress, and together they represent both aspects of imperial power.

………The Feminine aspect (huang), denotes beauty, delicacy of feeling, and peace. It is also a bridal symbol signifying "inseparable fellowship." This is not only for the married couple but for the complete yin-yang mutual interdependence in the universe in terms of duality. (

Sad…really.  I thought I was the only one who has identity crisis (not knowing when to hide my tail and how else to camouflage that snout).  But anyways, I would want to believe that the mythical Phoenix is truly a beautiful and graceful bird.  And I would want to meet LochNess monster one day; befriend him and stay with him at the lake forever 😀 LOLx

Please meet Pig Gy. In any account, she’s not a female nor a male. She can’t pee standing but she doesn’t wear skirts

The flu bug is making me cranky.  Time to prepare for CG… sei foh…haven’t finish reading!

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