Where do I begin?

It’s my 2e’s b’day today and I just got home from a late dinner (disastrous for my diet plan) at Yong Pin to celebrate her b’day in the most traditional & cheapskate style! I always get the nicest stuffs from her but I could never seem to be able to return 1% of what I receive from her.  Hopefully someday…someday…I’ll be able to do something significant 🙂

Anyways, I just noticed I have not posted a single word for 12 days.  That’s like 2 days short of a week.  In fact, by the time this post gets up, it’s gonna mark the 13th day of absence.  Honestly, I always have OCR at the back of my head.  I just…I guess I’m just too pre-occupied with too many things.  I have so much to update about but I guess mostly are pretty stale and it’s kinda funny to even bring them up again.  In fact, I believe my memory has already archived most of them *embarrassed*

I’ve been working on my diet plan and trying to squeeze in some workouts here and there.  I started to use the new gym at work which I must say I’m not very impressed with the equipments available.  Pretty low in quality (results of cost cutting) and I haven’t been able to figure out how to use some of the weight training ones.  So, I have only tried going on treadmill for a couple of times and do some hip abducting.  I even tried some pliés since there’s a wooden rail in front of the full length mirrors.  My 1st day at the gym and I tried pliés from 1st to 3rd position…trust me.. I felt like I my arse weighed a ton and I could have used a crane to lift my big arse up!  And my thighs…they looked like I just went logging in the major rainforest of Sabah! @_o 

Finished up my last bit of cereal from POST with cut banana.  Super nice combination cos the banana was really good!

I have also started to hit the pool and as of today, I have managed to clock 7 laps consistently for the last 2 dips (excluding the Monday swim since they were cleaning the pool and I figured it was rather silly to swim in a pool which could be filled up with moss & god knows what other stuffs that are being scrubbed off the tiles of the pool).  I will slowly increase my distant to 10 laps so that I can get back to my usual routine during the good old days.  I have also squeezed in some mat works – doing mainly crunches & hip raise.  I can’t really do much cos I’ll ache like hell after a few sets; but I like to call them – The Good Sore! Loving it!  Very unfortunately, the slacking from last weekend made me all bloated & fat again.  I actually gained 1kg from last weekend of eating & sitting during the WTR09! *scream*

My new box of cereal with slices of mini apple *slurp*

I signed up for some weigh loss tracking program through RealAge.  Not that I’m really using anything there…they have weight loss recipes online but they are just not realistic or useful for us la…I can barely even find 50% of ingredients and those recipes are definitely not friendly to my taste buds.  I mean..celery!?! Hello?! Who eats celery?! *ppttuuii* I get daily emails from RealAge on health tips and stuffs about weight loss.  So, today’s email came with a reminder of my supposed weight loss plan (which obviously went on hibernation mode the past few days) and there was this Weight Loss Tracker tool online where I get to track my weight progress.  For the fun of it, I created my record – 134lbs (Yuck!).  I weigh 61kg today (after heavy dinner summore leh) and I really want to use at least 6kg in a month’s time.  I kinda set my target date to June 7.  Yea, i know..that’s less than a month.  But that’s also the weekend of my couz’s wedding and a week before I have to fit into a saree without enduring too much of overflowing fats at the sides of my saree wrap!  Let’s hope I can at least hit half that target… *Please Lord…just half!*

I know 13lbs is a lot…Just help me get thru it ok?

I was away from the Internet for almost 3 days last weekend – that’s a major milestone for me although I did sneak in a couple of emails while attempting to rid my constipation 😛 But I had a great weekend at the WTR09 (Worship Team Retreat 2009) – just being amongst my brothers & sisters in Christ.  This year, I really felt a big difference in terms of spiritual maturity & feeling God’s presence throughout.  I guess it’s because I had many many many MANY different encounters with God in the past 7 months since WTR08.  I’m glad I could quieten down my heart and just listen to Him…pushing aside all the burdens and worries; dedicating that few moments with Him.  I heard You; I did.  I did not have any vision now did I hear a string of words from God that evening.  But I felt a sense of warmth and comfort; almost as though I could feel His embrace.  The only word that flash across my mind when I told God I want to surrender everything to Him and asking Him to forgive me for trying to take control, and hence losing sight of His grace – that word was.. COME!  Yes, come.  It felt like Jesus gestured to me with a teasing smile on His face while signaling me to go over to Him and plant myself at His chest.  That sense of comfort & assurance… I was overwhelmed with emotion.  Sunday morning service was simple but yet very reflective.  I have to admit, I had a lot of trouble sensing Him or even shutting off all the things that were running through my head in the first 2 days; but come Sunday, I just wished I had more time.  I remember holding back streams of tears (because I was worried Big Bird would ask me to make any announcement and it would be so darn embarrassing looking red & all swollen eyed!).  Anyhow, I am just very glad WTR09 went well & hopefully everyone really enjoyed themselves while spending time with God :)  Thank you to all who helped me prepare for WTR09..without your help, I would not have made it to ensure everything went well.  You know who you are :)  Oh! One more thing I’m really thankful for – I finally get to make friends with more youths and being able to break some ice with folks that I had never quite spoke to in church.  And most importantly, being roomie with Cookies again was just great :)  Although I know I avoided some conversations (or so I felt), the bed rolls and the new discoveries of her interesting habits sure cracked me up :P  Looking forward to the next WTR! 😉

Borrowed images – New WAM T-shirt looked great! Excellent design too! 🙂

I never did talk about my b’day…yea…I just turned another year older >.< I really cannot believe I’m so close to being rounded up to the next big ‘0’!  *gulp*  Honestly, I still think I don’t feel that old – maybe 4 or 5 years younger! Hmmph! :P  My b’day went by pretty normal.  Nothing spectacularly out of the ordinary but I enjoyed my day a lot because Bibs granted me special power where I could request for anything I want (except for more gifts tho :P).  We went for a movie which we had not done so for MONTHs! I think the last one we watched was prolly Incredible Sulk Hulk (how long was that?).  We also did some shopping where I bought Bibs 2 pairs of pants from the sales at British India :)  Yes, it’s my b’day and he gets to do the shopping 😛 That weekend, we celebrated GAMA-lady’s b’day too.  Her b’day is a day before mine and all my life, I never really had a b’day celebration of my own cos we always have to share the same cake or the same celebration (easier ma..).  This year, we had a b’day dinner with her the night before and the next day was mine.  We celebrated her b’day at this new Thai food restaurant near Granny’s (the ex-FLAME steamboat restaurant) and our verdict: BAD.  Well, I would say they deserve another chance since they are prolly struggling to learn to be better.  So, maybe (i just say maybe), I’ll go back again and give it another try.

The cake says “Over 30 dy!” – LOLx (just let me laugh while I am still in a different age group)

The night of my b’day Bibs & I decided we won’t go out dinner together and instead just spend time with my family since Queen suggested to buy us dinner.  Not that we ever get much family time together these days (many things have changed…*sigh*).  Queen is completed obsessed with the Jap restaurant at TSq (I still have a bunch of pics to share on that) and we so we had our Jap dinner there.  Not bad…menu is average and price is not too high.  I like my spicy beef ramen.  Will try it again :)  2e bought me a super nice Cappuccino Truffle Haagen Dasz cake which was super duper awesome! Lovitt to bits (literally…cos CeCe asked us to lick our plates clean >.<)

Cappuccino Truffle from Haagen Dasz – cost a bomb!

I chatted with Bean the next day and he asked me how many gifts I received this year.  He knows me well – my b’day is always a BIG thing amongst my friends & family 😛 I’m such a possessive person 😛 But I told him surprisingly this year..the number of gifts dropped significantly.  And guess how he consoled me? “It’s liddat…as you age…the number of presents you get will drop proportionately” @_o )#$)(*#)(*%#&^$#)(*&#@  Oh wow! Thanks for the comfort!! *smack*

Thankfully, I get great gifts from Meekoo, Svij, Small Bird, Cookies, 2e 🙂

And not forgetting gifts from..erm..strangers? 😛 It’s funny how I have to buy my own gifts!

Giant gave me this tissue box which he proudly claimed that he bought me a non-pig gift! @_o

And not forgetting Bibs special surprise where he waited for me in the car outside my house sneakily until I called him to tell him I had to go to sleep (before 12AM).  He was the 1st to wish me and also gave me a nice b’day gift :)  What’s sweetest is the fact that he sang a complete Happy Birthday song for me! 😀 If you know him..you’ll know that he has never sung any song other than his Jay Chou’s which I translated into hanyupinyin for him! 😛

A little too expensive for daily use. I xim tia to put the bag on the floor mat each time I drive 😛

There’s more to update but I guess this post is getting a little too long.  You might just get sick of too much info 😛 I guess I’ll leave some others for another day.  Plus, I’m getting sleepy now and I have a morning meeting to wake up to tomorrow :(  So, in the meantime, I’ll just leave you with the last recent update of our latest purchase which I promised to show you when it arrives 😀


The new recliner sofa arrived last Friday while I was busy preparing for WTR09!

Our new leather addition is really chunky and definitely makes its presence hard-to-ignore in the living hall.  Bibs is very happy to finally get his recliner *all grins*  But now it makes the place looks very much smaller – I guess that’s ok since the house often has only 1 cutie fatty roaming around 😛

Alrightey.  Will write more when I have the time :)  In the meantime, please don’t stress about life too much ok.  Will keep each other in prayers.  Take care now!  Toodles!


2 thoughts on “Where do I begin?

  1. Haha, avoided some conversations?:D Hehehe… I know, I know. I also avoided talking bout certain stuff… The bed roll and interesting habits ah… those are quite normal ma, no?:P But yeah, it was fun! And I’ve gained weight too… so u are not the only one!!!:(

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