Gassy pain

I’m down with some kind of weird virus.  Not exactly going on a full blown flu but i’m feeling a lot of congestion happening along my sinus and definitely mucus accumulating in my respiratory tract and phlegm in my throat.  Not good sign…especially when weekend is approaching (means no point taking MC).  Shucks! I suddenly remember I forgot to file my claims again! Argh..Looks like I won’t make it for May salary.  Darn! I have quite a big bill to clear this month because of WTR expenses which I have yet to file for claims too cos some receipts have yet to come in.. Hmm…have to standby some $$ (Bibs: *wink wink*)

 Mum made potato bun (some time back!) and the dough was left to set. I just find it really scary looking 😛

Back to my virus…my eyes are feeling rather tired & sore.  I slept for more than an hour after I got home.  Whole body feels rather sore but yet restless.  Dunno why la.  Swine flu I call it.  But Bibs said I can’t possible have swine flu cos I’m a swine; at most I can get is just flu >.< *pengsan*  And to top it all up, I am having this super uncomfortable gassy pain at my lower abdomen.  Mainly on the left side but as I continue to fart, the pain kinda shifts to the center.  But it’s still there and it’s still very painful.  I hate it.  I have been going thru a lot of gastric & indigestion problem since the emotional turmoil.  Ever since 2002, I developed bad gastric problems which is easily triggered by emotional instability.  The slightest bit will send me to the extremity of pain and a string of consequences which includes diarrhea followed by constipation (ironic eh?).  Now that the whole roller coaster ride has started again, my GI problems get triggered easily.. *sigh*  And it doesn’t help with the fact that I’m all bloated & constipating since last weekend @_o  No good no good.. I need some remedy..

Some of you know i’m working on some stain glass art deco for my couz’s wedding.  Basically she bought 104 tealight candle holders from IKEA with the hope that she can use them for her wedding.  If you are  planning to get married and want a lavish me…prepare your pocket.  The wedding deco alone can cost you a bomb.  In order to be as economical as we can get, we have to do a lot DIY stuffs..and because I’m craftily-retard, so, I can’t really do much.  Hence, all we are going to do now is just make the tealight candle holders a little less boring.  The reception will be held at Park Royal Hotel and the theme is basically oriental.  Yes, oriental sounds like a big word – kinda comprises all Asian flavors ranging from Chinese to Japanese to get the drift.  But most people would perceive it as Chinese theme.  I wanted to do some glass deco which is not so Chinese but due to limitation in the nature of the stain glass deco, I have to opt for designs which are in block so that I can remove it from the paper material and transfer to the glass.

I tried out two block designs. The left one is a Double Happiness character and the right is a Prosperity character written upside down

I have tried numerous times and failed miserably too.  Somehow my ideas & thoughts just doesn’t work because I have never tried stain glass deco in my life.  I tried drawing directly on the glass but because it is not a flat surface but rather a round glass, there was no way I could keep the design so short that it does not drip to the sides.  I tried drawing on plastic covers (those you use to bind books) and guess what? I couldn’t remove the design off the darn plastic!! I spent a lot of time trying this out and was really frustrated because I had no idea how to get it work.  Finally one I day I figured out something wasn’t right.  If the stain glass deco sticks firmly to glass surface..naturally it would do the same on plastic too! And I figured that if those kids draw on grease paper (the yellow ones that stickers are normally stuck onto), it must be the greasiness that keeps the design peelable! To proof my concept (before hunting down the greasy paper), what I did was apply lotion on the plastic before drawing the design. was a disaster (because the lotion was too thick for the glue to take form..imagine the glue skating on the plastic surface :P) but I did proof the concept.  When GAMA-lady finally got me a stack of greasy papers from some used stickers, VOILA! Breakthrough!!

See the effect with the candles lit! Still not perfect because the lighter shade is too thin

The design you see above (top left) is a trial design cos Queen told me to do a simple one instead of wasting the glue on a full design.  Turned out it was really easy to transfer the design to the cup.  You’ll notice a rough texture on the filler areas.  That’s because it’s from the glitter dust in the glue call Sparkle Red.  It’s a light tint of red which can look a little pinky because I could not seem to apply thick enough of a layer.  Something about the bottle that I bought just seemed not right.  I couldn’t mix the glue well regardless of how I shake it :(  The bottom design (bottom left) is the Double Happiness character which I sized down.  Not a good template because it looked rather cacat (retard).  I’m gonna redraw that.  As you can see, the corner of the design is distorted.  Trust me, it’s not easy to get this done.  It’s darn tricky.  For one, make sure you have no nail polish of the deco will stick to your fingernails and that would destroy the pattern (it has a low tolerance to stretching).  Never ever EVER allow the design to touch ANY other parts of the design or they’ll stick together and you CANNOT separate it again.  The distortion that you see above (at the top right corner of the bottom left design) is because of both the above accounts >.<

So, all in all, we are pretty much set to start our mass production.  I’m waiting for my black glue because what you see now is not the actual outcome.  The outlines should be done in black glue and filled in using the Sparkle Red although I very much love the Poppy Red (currently used as outline) because it really brings out the redness.  But I guess for the mellow down version (plus I bought a lot of Sparkle Red), I think I’ll just do with a lighter shade.  What do you think? 🙂

Last picture for the night: Group Photo taken during WTR09 by

Another day of meeting and…work?  I’m thankful for my cubebour for bearing with my mental breakdown today.  I need to balance out my mental & emotional instability of late.  Looking forward to CG tomorrow night.  Until then, do expect some silence for the next couple of days.  I have quite an amount of work to rush for PT >.<

Good night.  Toodles!


2 thoughts on “Gassy pain

  1. HAha…no offense, OCR…but uummmmm….the bread looks monstrous:P Is it supposed to be like that?!?:P It really looks like a monster creeping out of clay!!!:P

    Oh my!!! The stained glass is soooooooo beautiful la!:P Hmmm, next time, I know who to call to help with my wedding prep and coordinating. HAHAHAHA!!! I prefer Sparkle Red, coz it brings out a warmer tone.

    • It’s a dough to make the potato pao 😛 does look extremely creepy 😛 Mum thought it was freaky too and yelled for me to take a look 😛 Kekeke..

      Great! Glad to know I get a vote for Sparkle Red 😀 And for your wedding..of cos i’ll help!! 😀

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