Meaning of the names

While deciding the name for my baby niece, I looked up the names I had in my mind for mine.  I’m glad to know that the names I chose are rare but they do exists 🙂



The girl's name Brynna \b-rynna, br(yn)-na
The girl's name Breena \b-ree-na\ is pronounced BREE-nah
The meaning: little drop of water; high, noble, exalted; defender; hill, mount
Brynna is a very rare female first name and a very rare surname



Isn’t it beautiful? 🙂 Such gentle but yet noble name 😀



The girl's name Hanna \ha(n)-na\ is a variant of Hannah (Hebrew)
The meaning: favored grace
Hanna is a popular female first name and a very popular surname



Lovely right?

It’s ok if they never come true.  I’m just happy I thought of the names one night.  Even the Chinese character which I shared with Cookies.

My boy will always keep the name Jarrod (meaning: down-flowing, descending).  That reminds me, “You came and you gave me hope that it will all be fine.  And I know, you are watching out for me just like you always do..


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