The first or the last day of the week?

Sunday started early with 1st service. I’ve always enjoyed Bro CJ’s sermon and really do admire his public speaking skills; very structured and poised! I need not make any notes however since the sermon notes section was filled up with text and I was too busy trying to pay attention – I’m not a morning person you see. If you’ve heard his sermon yesterday, I’m sure you’ll pick up a thing or two. I’ll prolly write about it in a separate entry later tonight. Not easy to focus on serious matters when I’m at work 😛

Since my eye appointment was delayed, we decided to go yumcha before heading over to mainland knowing how long we’ll be stuck waiting. The drive over to mainland was good. Felt like a mini outing yesterday for the two of us 🙂 Thankfully, the wait at the clinic was quite pleasant and not too long. There wasn’t a large crowd since they assigned Sundays for old patients (old as in those with past records and not in terms of age!). There was this small LCD screen mounted on the wall which displays pretty interesting powerpoint slides. Some of them I’ve seen on forwarded emails; but those kept us entertained occasionally while we read our papers and CG book. The consultation with the doctor lasted pretty brief. As usual, Dr. Khoo is very nice and patient. Did I mention he has amazing memory too? He still remembers my mum and granny! My eye pressure marks 13 and 14. Not bad! Surprisingly this time he didn’t have to drip this solution that dilates my iris. Hence, after the super uncomfortable pressure scan, I could still walk off without any aid 🙂 I thought I would be half blind for a while…

We went sofa hunting and also visited the legendary big Jusco of the mainland. The AC was not functioning or they were trying to cut cost; it was so hot & stuffy that we left in less than an hour strolling. The place is huge but honestly nothing impressive. Bibs kept saying I have this prejudice against the mainland. Yes, I do. *blek* Anyways, we had been battling between spending the next budget (actually it’s his budget :P) for a new LCD 32″ TV or a recliner sofa. It’s kinda hard to decide between the two because 1) I don’t really watch TV but Bibs really wants to have a nice TV when he subscribes his Astro Sports channel 2) I don’t really fancy recliner sofa but I figured it’s prolly a better buy than a new TV since we do have a functioning TV (minus the remote), but I know Bibs wants to have a nice leather sofa to chill when he’s at home. We were this close to buying one at mainland since it cost us RM1.6K with 6yrs warranty (full leather from Caccina). Thankfully we didn’t make any impulsive purchase because the salesperson was pretty good at his job. We decided to go back to the island and check on the 1st shop where Bibs fell in love with the recliner sofa cos I remembered the manufacturer name is the same.

Before heading back to the island, Bibs took me somewhere for lo han guo drink which was very refreshing for a hot day. He tried to hunt for the bitter-tea stall but no avail (I silently cheered). So we took the ferry back to the island. The waiting was really long and hot. I fell asleep while waiting to board the ferry and by the time Bibs woke me up, I was already back to *civilization* lolx. Gleefully we went to the furniture shop and helped ourselves with the recliners there. We found the exact same sofa and to our costs RM250 bucks lesser!’s not that cheap but we almost wasted additional moolah right?! Although this set didn’t come with 6yrs warranty, but we were told that the warranty does not even cover the leather or mechanism. Hence, we figured the salesman at the mainland shop was just bullcrapping us. So, you can guess what happened next… *impulsive alarm rings* Will show you the pic of the sofa when it arrives in 2 weeks time. We chose a darker shade of brown leather 😉

I was really exhausted yesterday that I hit the sack by 8+PM after having bak kut teh for dinner. During dinner, MC-King SMSed me and asked if I’m down with flu. “????” Rupa-rupanya, he was referring to the swine flu outbreak in NA and Mexico.

As usual, I was reluctant to come to work this morning. What’s more, I woke up feeling the worst headache ever; as though I was having a bad hangover 😦 Not sure what caused it…could be the 11 hours of sleep or the bak kut teh that topped up the super hot weather the night before. But whatever it was, I was battling between MC or work. I guess I really should have taken a day off..cos I just received a nasty SR* which I have no idea how to solve or even to understand what crap it is talking about! Grrr. Then, the rained started to pour too..making it the bestest most conducive time to sleep…*double roar*

Platinum means it’s of VVIP which also means die die also must settle!

Anyways, time for lunch. Bibs wanna go eat Stick despite my lingering sore throat 😛 Clearly, gluttony wins. Will be dropping by my big big boss’s office later to pass him the gift & the card. Toodles!


*Service Request are tickets filed by customers to ask for technical solution. We have to ensure we provide solutions within the shortest period of time..or else…


2 thoughts on “The first or the last day of the week?

  1. Hey Ocr, you better go and see the doc. You have this flu for awhile now. It better not be the Mexican flu. Go for a check up….. !!!!

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