The scent of freedom

I wanted to blog last night despite the abdominal pain and exhaustion I was feeling; cos afterall, it’s my very first day of freeedommm! But unfortunately, the internet has been so sucky..I couldn’t even bring up a page properly.  That really stressed me out further on top of my achy back.  Hence, I gave up and hit the sack!

Last night wasn’t really that much of a freedom actually cos it’s still a working day.  But many happy things happened which made my Friday very special 😀 Firstly, me and the monkeys at work went off for a session of karaoke where we sang out hearts out and made all the silliest jokes & noise!  We actually took 4 hours off work (sneakily) and I sure hope our boss did not notice :P  Then, I left work on time (despite not working much!)  since it was pouring and Bibs was worried it’ll be a bad jam on our way down to town.  Surprisingly, there wasn’t much of a traffic and I managed to get to my meeting venue 1.5hrs earlier!  Thankfully, everyone was able to join me ahead of time and we had a short session of discussion followed by a longer session of casual talk :D  Met with this lady who will be helping me out in bridging some new networks – she’s a real jolly molly lady and you can tell she’s really made for the sales line! While waiting for Bibs to come back to pick me up, she sat with me all the time and kept me entertained with all the stories :)  Nice!

After my meeting, we headed to GP for our dinner & some jalan-jalan.  Didn’t really do much last night cos we were both really tired.  We had Nandos! It was good and we had some small talks :)  I remember telling him that I’m feeling this stress about working with pple almost twice my age and trying to sound convincing or even look wise is really a challenge.  It’s really true you know…not that I’m bragging about it… but when I was talking to this lady (gonna call her the BayviewGirl) earlier on…she seemed to be very distracted by my dressing, accessories (namely my earrings and my Tag watch).  So much so that initially she had problem focusing her eyes on me but just kept on scanning.  I’m pretty sure she was very distracted by my earrings & watch.  At that mo, I couldn’t help but think…perhaps all these luxurious ornaments really defines a person’s respect & status.  I mean…if I weren’t properly dressed…and prolly don’t own a super expensive watch (okla…it’s very very expensive in my opinion cos it’s beyond what I can ever afford but maybe to some of you it’s really no biggie)…maybe she won’t be talking to me the same way she did?  Hmm…maybe I’m being judgmental.  I dunno.  It’s still a challenge working with such experienced people.  But I guess that’s what I have to get used to cos I will be talking to bigger shots very soon while trying to sell our new product!

Today, I resumed by Cinderella duties.  I supposed that’s the price to pay for freedom 😛 But it’s ok.  I enjoyed doing the laundry and cleaning the bathroom (I have not come to the ironing yet).  It’s always fun to be able to do all these when the right mood & ambience calls for it *tee hee*  Bibs and I went around town running some errands today.  The heat really got to him; he’s such a polar bear that he gets really irked by the weather and that’s when he loses a lot of patience :(  But I really understand it’s not easy to be driving around and enduring the tremendously high temperature while waiting for me to complete my purchases (all of which requires long consideration & selection!).  Which explains why I am granting my bear a nice winter hibernation for the past 2.5hrs (and counting)..

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this but my company’s VP has announced his retirement.  He has been in the company for almost 15 years now and the decision to leave the field really surprised many of us.  Although it’s sad to lose a pioneer, but I rejoice along with him for taking the courage to change and pursue his new venture.  Nothing beats being able to wake up every morning and knowing you have something you are passionate about to deal with :)  So, Pans and I decided to get him a simple go away gift which I promised to shop for it and never did until this weekend! We thought of getting something from Royal Selangor and if you are familiar with the products, you’ll know it’s really not cheap.  Our boss loves wine..and we thought wine glasses would be good.  But Alas! Those costs more than RM150 each! Who buys one wine glass right? So, off that goes.  I looked around for a long time and finally..! I decided & bought this…

It’s a letter opener with bamboo design on the handle.  Honestly speaking, this wasn’t my first choice.  I caught sight of a golf club letter opener and if it wasn’t scratched, I would have bought that.  But when I got home and was about to wrap the gift..I decided to take some pictures.  Then, i discovered this little booklet (the one you see in green background) and there is a very good description of the bamboo design for this item.  I was so pleased that I chose this one instead because it totally matched with  idea of the gift! This was what I read..

The bamboo breathes life, exudes calmness and inspires in ways that few in the plant kingdom do.

Pliant yet strong, the bamboo symbolizes determination and is constantly likened to virtuous men of noble inspirations.  its upward-thrusting stems, punctuated by nodes, represent continuous advancement in one’s career or business ventures.  Capable of weathering tough winters, it is an embodiment of perseverance and resilience.  the bamboo is therefore a symbol of fortitude, progress and pursuit of excellence.

In Chinese, bamboo, zhu (竹) sounds similar to abundance, zu (足).  it also conveys blessings and good wishes, zhu (祝), thus signifying peace, protection, prosperity and achievement.

Aesthetically appealing and endowed with rich symbolism, the bamboo’s qualities are best expressed as:

Immense strength beneath serenity
Pre-eminence concealed in humility

Amazing right?  Such a perfect gift! Who would have thought the meaning behind such an intricate design :)  I’m so impressed with my choice! Hahaha..

Then, I went to the a few old stationery shops in town to hunt for a glass glue that I could use to decorate the tealight candle holders for my couz’s wedding.  I had no idea what it was or how it would possibly looked like.  Hunting in the big stores that sell almost EVERYTHING was really not easy.  I tried to describe to the old uncle and he couldn’t really find me what I wanted.  There were many glitter glues which I didn’t want.  Finally, the closest we could opt for was this thing that is used for stain glass craft.  It’s apparently peelable cos it’s actually the craftwork type of stain glass – dunno if you have seen them before.  Peelable vs tealight deco just didn’t sound like they would work together but I had no choice.  Decided to get one and give it a try.  If it works, then GOOD.  Else, doom…I have to hunt for the next option.  Oh, and they didn’t have red.. :(  The closest I could find was this color call Poppy Red…which obviously wasn’t anywhere near red.

 It’s call Glass Deco by AMOS

The last stop we made was the market.  Bibs wanted to get some fruits and I decided to tag along cos I wanted to prepare a small fruit basket for someone :)  I wasn’t sure if I was able to do it…so, I’m just gonna give it a shot! The fruit seller (an old uncle) was being very cunning & sly.  He tried to confused us with his slow & messy calculation..and attempted to charge me additional of 7 bucks! Thank goodness I sensed his mischief and followed his calculation closely.  Hmmph! I’m not going back to that stall again.  I really don’t like dishonest people.  Anyways, while my polar bear was hibernating..I decided to put my creativity to use.  I found a brand new teddy which I must have bought but never used and also a cutie heart.  So, I sewed them together and made this… 🙂

Not bad for a first attempt, eh? 😀

So, that pretty much wraps up what I’ve been up to on my 2nd day of freedom.  While the polar bear continues to hibernate..I shall decide whether to start my ironing now..or maybe leave it for tomorrow if I still have the time after my eye check :)  I’m thinking of visiting my little baby who has gone over to the mainland & up north.  Will see how things go then.  Bibs promised to have dinner at Chillis tonight…but at the look of it.. I guess not eh? :P  Just as TheNomad said “Maybe I’ll let you check on the polar bear now… Spring’s about to start”.  I guess winter is still not over..

She looks more girly in this picture 🙂

Hope your Saturday has been good 🙂


P/s: Pardon the low quality pictures.  Dark-Choc took the camera to the camp and I’m left with only my phone


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