New found (temporary) freedom!

I’m soooo excited about this weekend..SERIOUSLY!! I’ve been looking forward to it since early this week when I found out that the royal highnesses are heading down south for the weekend till prolly early next week!  Not that I’m not grateful to have them around..but honestly’s a whole load of weight lifted off my chest.  I dunno how to explain that to you..but really…I just want to have my space to breathe and really LIVE MY BLARDY OWN LIFE *super mega huge grin*  However, of cos I do pray for a smooth journey while they drive along with 3 others on this little road trip (business cum leisure).  And then…it’s an added bonus when my Dark-Choc is going off for scouts camp too!! He just left about an hour ago to catch a bus and will only be back on Sunday.  Of cos I’ll be missing him cos he’s like my only closer person at home (not that we have any heart to heart talk :P) but it’s just cool to know that this entire weekend is just gonna be ME and MY PLANS!! Yippeeedeeedoooodaaa!! Although I’m actually quite pack this week with lots of meetings and preparations and work and all the what nots…but I’m just looking forward to some time spent with Bibs.  Knowing that we both don’t have to worry about getting home on any particular time to oblige to something or compromising our plans for anyone else but us.. you know?’s just plain simple la.. :)  And I really am looking forward to it *another super mega huge grin*

So much so….I can’t believe it is NOT already weekend *sigh*  I’ really don’t think I’ll be able to do ANYTHING at work tomorrow (not that I AM doing ANYTHING at the mo).  My heart is completely in holiday mood :D  Now I’m wishing I didnt make my eye check appointment this Sunday! 😛 Then, maybe I could have sneak away from the island and go catch monkey or something…bwaahahaha 😛 Siao!

Okla…late dy.  I just finish watching all the episodes that I’ve missed in MDG.  Bibs (the Polar Bear in disguise) fainted before 11.  I didn’t get to talk to him before he slept off and he hung up on me when I called him 20 minutes after he said he was going to bed.  So….I geddit….he is REALLY tired :P  I can imagine him pengsan-ed in bed! 😛

Good night now.  Whoever’s feeling unhappy at this moment…I hope you’ll cheer up and chin up! It’s weekend! What’s better right?! 🙂

4 thoughts on “New found (temporary) freedom!

    • Who knows? Maybe the monkey will make friend with me and pluck coconut for me? 😛

      U guys dont sleep wan izzit?!! 😛

  1. Gosh… everyone seems to be awake so late…. go to bed everyone unless you are like me…. who do not have work tomorrow. =D

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