Porky Tan

I sit next to the windows in office. So, I get the most drastic temperature amongst others in the whole company. If it’s a hot day…I’m at the hottest (temperature wise obviously); if it’s rainy day..I’m definitely the coldest! Not exactly a good combination for me because I’m not an extreme person when it comes to temperature. I use comforter in a non-AC room and I prefer less fabric when the sun is up. Ya..those “inadequately-covered” challenge..

Morning like this…I don’t mind having some sun. Sometimes while I stroll into the office…I would just offer my fishball face to the sun – Nah! Cook Take it

5 thoughts on “Porky Tan

  1. Yes… Grace is right. Let’s go shopping!!! It will brighten up your day even if you are not getting anything end of the day.

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