Alternate PMS

I’m not liking the new change in my PMS pattern.  I used to suffer from PMS about 1 or 2 weeks before the real deal (on good days) and that’s still OK to accept because physical change is not too drastic.  Just the usual bloatness (still tolerable), swollen boobies, super big tummy, horrible mood, depression and those don’t-touch-me-or-i’ll-kill-you kind of effects for the entire week.  But for the past 2 weeks, I have been experiencing PMS effects in much larger scale and extremely inconsistent! One day I’ll be normally fat and the next day I can’t even button up my pants, no sitting with my legs folded because my thighs are far too big for my pants to tolerate, overly swollen boobies that for many times I thought I am suffering from breast cancer, horrible horrible mood swing which I could really easily kill someone or even squash whoever into pieces… Honestly, it’s bearable.  And today is just another of that PMS-y day 😦

Not liking how this crankiness is making me feel and behave.  I feel far worse than the Incredible Hulk Sulk… *grrr*


Leave me alone!


3 thoughts on “Alternate PMS

  1. When was your last full medical check up? =D We need to do medical check up cos we are not so young already and more over ladies tend to have more issues than guys. So since you are covered by insurance, please go for a full medical check up. It is advisable!

    • Never! 😛 Medical insurance can claim meh? But I doubt mine can leh… anyways, I dont wanna check la. Later find out i have some cranky problems. Spoil my mood further..

  2. Yes medical can claim. Will tell you how in person. Aiyo, you rather go through the torture every week and months? Face the facts of life! You might be a happier pig after it.

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