Welcome to the world !!

Mummy J just gave birth to her baby girl early this morning after delaying her admittance with the hope of saving some $$ (crazy rite??). I’m so excited to meet my new niece!! I’ve been praying & hoping she’ll be born on May 3rd…mana tau… cannot wait pulak! 😛 We have yet to know her name..so, I can’t really welcome her properly (entry title la..) but anyways… here’s BABY!!! 😀



Went to visit baby after dinner with Bibs and we requested the nurse to bring our new baby out for us to see 😀 Super cutey! She’s still having that new-born look (i find all new borns looking quite similar.. :P) and she definitely has quite a lot of similar features as her marmee 😀 Now everyone is hoping she has double eyelid! hahaha..

Parents have yet to decide on her name 🙂


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