Too many to remember

I noticed I have quite a lot of things that I wanted to blog about but had completely forgotten about them or best still – don’t even remember at all :D  I must admit on my deadly acute amnesia – okla..I made that term up, but you get the drift!

I took 2 days off this week – intentionally and unintentionally actually.  But either way, I’m glad I did.  Definitely much better than getting stuck at work and struggle for 8 hours and going crazy at the end of the day.  As mentioned, Mr Krueger came back to Penang after 2 years (for his usual bi-annual visit) and arrived on Monday.  Spent some time with them (husband & wife) on Monday evening after their dinner.  Bought lots of junks from G-Drive.  There was rojak, grill cuttlefish, muar chi, pak tong gou (white sugar cake), yao zha guai (dead man’s bone), ham jim peng (salted fried biscuit)… *giggle* I have to laugh at my great translations!!  I started developing throat infection on Tuesday..must be all the junks I had the night before.  But i still went out for a cuppa with Mrs Krueger and followed by supper of 滑蛋河 (wat dan hor – sar hor fun top with raw egg), 月光河 (yuet guong hor -  fried hor fun top with raw egg), 星洲炒米 (seng zhau chao mai – fried S’pore mee hoon) and lots of chinese tea! I basically drop dead by the time I got home – feverish & sore throat.  I knew i was going to pay the price the following day.  Hence, I downed vitamins & drank enzyme with the hope that I will at least be able to poo-poo and clear my bowel..and hopefully the virus will erm…get poo-ed out? 😛

Took some stupid pics using MAC’s PhotoBooth 😀

On Wednesday, it was a good day albeit extreme exhaustion.  It rained heavily the night before, so it was a little inconvenient for us to move around but still thankful for the great weather.  We started off by heading for hawker food in the morning.  Driving my favorite Swift, we went for kuey chiap, fried kuey teow, hokkien char, chee cheong fun, economic fried mee hoon, chai kuey, down with teh-si! Super nice (but I wasn’t in that of a great appetite…FYI, all these food was walloped by Mr & Mrs Krueger cos I wasn’t well).  After that, we took the trouble to drive past another coffee shop with the hope to find some neh-neh apom but to no avail :(  Hence, we went straight to our next destination.  I took SaDu’s recommendation and we went for a visit at the Pinang Peranakan Mansion.  Boy! This is the best trip ever! Honestly…if you have not stepped foot into this awesome pawsome place..YOU’VE GOT TO SERIOUSLY MAKE THE TRIP! If you love antiques & history, you’ll fall in love with this place.  Being recognized as a Heritage Treasure definitely has drawn quite an amount of attention to this beautiful building.  This property stretches up to 3 to 4 houses (built up area unsure cos the tour guide didn’t know) and restored after it has been abandoned for years!  The beauty and treasure that hides within is simply beyond words can describe.  Although I must say that the restoration could not bring back the actual settings and belongings of the original owner & family; but the antique collections from the new owner (Peter Soon) is enough to drop your jaw low low! :P  Too bad, I forgot my camera (cos I didn’t know we were heading in the first was decided over breakfast) but luckily Mr Krueger had his :)  While the tour guide explained in detail to my guests..I was busy snapping photos (hence, I don’t mind going there again to really listen to the history).  I must have taken over 200 shots that day.  We went from the entrance to the halls, from dining rooms to gossip rooms, wedding rooms to collectible rooms, guest rooms to kitchen and finally at the ancestors hall.  Most unfortunately, our camera died on us just when we were about to go on the kitchen tour.  Hence, there will be no pictures to salvage from the kitchen, ancestor and guest hall.  *sigh* What a terrible waste!  Then, we went to get some famous biscuits & layer cake before heading up to Sri Ananda for our late lunch (we dropped by G-hotel to drop our purchases).  At Ananda, we had a simple lunch where we ordered tandoori chicken, channa masala, dhal fry, naans, mutton & 1 portion of rice.  4 of us shared and also enjoyed our masala tea! Splendid way to wrap up our day before we head for our pampering session! 😀 Next destination is back to G-hotel for our SPA sessions at Danai Spa!

I hate to have unread emails. I managed to clear all (for now) *grin in pride*

They made their reservations for the theme pacakages earlier on and thankfully, I won a spa voucher early this year hence I had my 60mins Danai Spa Signature Massage for free 🙂 I requested for a Java Lulur Scrub worth RM60 for 30mins to top my pampering session.  If you ask me to rate my experience, I would say..this would fetch about 6 or 7/10.  I like the massage session although it’s not that fantastic.  But I really did have some relaxing time and the idea of putting a rice pouch over my eyes to cover the light was awesome because I could actually rest my eyes and not be bothered by the lights.  I don’t remember when I fell asleep but when I gained consciousness, the masseur was just about to get done with my right hand and proceeded to my head.  I thought she forgot my left hand until I moved my left fingers and realized they were glazed…Paiseh! :P  I was definitely not pleased with the body scrub.  One, she had to ask me to get up from the bed to cover a plastic over the bed which I felt was unnecessary as it really disturbs the relaxation.  Two, it was too fast & not thorough because she was basically applying cold scrub mixture all over me and running through.  Three, she toweled me section by section (i was lying on my stomach initially) to remove the scrub and that left me feeling extremely cold.  Morever, I was feverish and hence it was totally unpleasant for me! She couldnt converse in English very well and I was too sick to say much.  So, I left her to do her part.  By the time she asked me to flip over, i was already shivering & quivering :(  All in all, I would say this is definitely not as good as I thought it would be cos I’ve definitely had WAYYYY better ones before.  Anyways, Mrs Krueger paid for my scrub session which means…I actually get a free SPA session!! *woot woot*

That night, I slaved through the evening helping the Queen & grandma to prepare a luxurious dinner spread for all our guests.  We celebrated 3e’s b’day since Mr & Mrs Krueger were here :)  We had a super yummy Haagen Dasz Belgian Choc ice cream cake after savaging lots and lots of other yummy food! Again, no picture :(  Soweee… I forgot my camera 😦

Anyways, my Wednesday ended with me extremely tired and had to crawl to bed right after my shower.  Which then explains why & how I ended up with a day off on Thursday.  I was so sick & my throat was hurting badly.  I felt exhausted and just wanted to sleep (okla..i’m just lazy & wanna skip work la :P) But I wasn’t in the mood for doctor or medicine.  Thus, I had to apply leave for my day off instead of taking MC.  Well, no regrets! 😀

Ok..Bibs is complaining about me blogging for too long dy and it’s time to go pamper him a bit.  Long day today with another meeting to go for in the afternoon.  I’m still not, I have to remember to keep myself hydrated.  Oh, I didn’t mention going to TBBH at noon today and was rather disappointed with the arrangements they made for the WTR09 😦 They kept telling me because it’s a church price, hence, we can only give you this! Dang :(  I’m not pleased with the ballroom, the menu and lots more but…ya…we are on tight budget 😦 No choice.. *sigh*

It’s a small & under-maintained room 😦


2 thoughts on “Too many to remember

  1. Welcome back. Glad to read your blog. Hehehe I am happy you enjoyed the place I recommended to you. When I am well, are you free to go with me to Spice Garden?

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