Blessed Easter to All

Easter is a big celebration for us and everyone involved has been putting in a lot of effort preparing for the big day.  Generally a combined service would require a lot of attention ranging from planning to printing, praying to practicing; all possible aspects would need to be given sufficient thought and planning.  Definitely not easy especially for those who work in church and those who have taken time out to prepare for the day despite their busy schedules and demanding work.  Praise God for a smooth service this morning and I certainly hope that everyone was ministered to through the His word and messages.

Despite my oversleeping this morning *completely embarrassed*, I’m glad I was able to follow the Choir today and remember all the worship songs.  God is truly merciful for I have to guiltily admit that I was not entirely able to channel my focus upon Him today albeit trying very hard to remember my role in presenting the messages through our carefully selected songs.  Father, forgive me for not giving myself entirely. 

I had a tough night and I could not sleep the entire night through.  Chains of thoughts and memories; anxiety and frustrations – all these kept me awake and not to mention my heart pounding throughout the night.  Numerous phone calls kept disturbing my attempts to sleep but I was just too tired to be confronted.  I just needed rest.  And hence I turned off the volume of my phone (if you know me well, you’ll know i won’t do this unless i’m in desperate need to rest) and tried to sleep.  However, every hour just got me checking my phone.  I remember the last time I looked at my phone with much frustration (because I could not find rest) it was almost 4AM and my Dark-Choc was still outside at his PC *sigh*  Somehow I must have fell asleep until I miraculously woke up & hastily reach out to my phone – 8.26AM! Craps! Just when i saw the time, Cookies’s name appeared on the screen *double craps*  I overslept!! It’s embarrassing to have overslept when I was supposed to hitch a ride from her & Postman this morning 😦 Worse still, I had to wake the King up to send me to church (this statement sounds funny 😛) Anyways, I must say I enjoyed every bit of our presentation today.  The choir did very well and honestly, we have come a long way and the maturity of our Choir has certainly improved compared to more than 2 years ago :)  Mrs C would be proud of us 😛

Oh well, I just thought of sharing some happy stuffs here since it’s Easter and I should be tuning my mood to the positive ends than to focus so much on what I cannot change.  Let me introduce to you my new friend toy – Kokoa 😀 okkayy…please don’t mistake him as Cocoa or Chocolate or Kokojelly or whatever you could think of.  My dear toy travelled across the ocean and made his way to PG despite the change in weather.  Many thanks to my dear PT Boss (Mr Wise) for making my wish come true :D  Something about Kokoa that really tickles me when I first saw him.  Must be the big paw palms/feet?  @_@

Purely Australian leh! Surely got birth-cert 😛 for AUD3.00, I think it’s a pretty good gift eh?

When I received Kokoa from Mr Wise last Thursday, I sent him an SMS afterwards saying, “Thanks for the gift! I tried to talk to him but he has yet to respond.  Must be the jetlag.  I’ll try again later” *LOLx*  Well, you see, I did ask Mr Wise to bring me a live one from Oz.  Hence, I do expect Kokoa to start talking to me…soon :D  He homesick kut..

See? Kokoa got manners wan ok! He sit cross leg..summore can do pointe leh! *LOLx*

Very cute rite? I cannot help but find him truly amusing.  My Dark-Choc said he’s a hybrid of rabbit & koala @_o

I’m real blessed this week with people around me who has showered me with gifts despite the economy slow down and everyone is tightening their belts.  Granny, 2e & 3e shared a graduation cum b’day gift for me.  One things that I surely will never ever afford or even seh tak to buy for myself.  It’s a very lovely watch and I find it hard to imagine I own one…

Super huge box. Even the user guide has a leather pouch tailor made for it! No wonder it cost a bomb!

You know..all these years despite the challenges and trials that God has planted me in, He has really never stop providing and seeing me through all the difficult patches.  Even to the times when I gave up on Him and turn away to seek shelter in my own perceived cave.  God granted me wonderful angels when I am down and needed some form of assurance that I am on the right path; He would gracefully send one of His angels to give me a nudge and ensure me that He is indeed watching me closely.  All these, I could only say “Thank You, Father”.  But I know there are way more that I ought to do for Him which cannot be comparable to what He has done for me.  These days when I am once again challenged with various relationships problems (family, Bibs, colleagues & friends), He has mercifully sent His angels to stand by me; offering comfort, support and love.  You people who have been following diligently; Thank You

Blue-grey-ish pearl face

I just hope that Mr S.A. Tan, who is happily causing a lot of troubles between me and people around me, would realize how powerful God is and how He would kick nuisance-Mr-S.A.Tan out of my life! I am protected by my Father and He will most certainly not allow you to meddle with anything in my life.  Today marks the day where I renew my trust where I began to have doubts; embrace His love where I began to lose sight of love; pronounce His mightiness where I am overwhelmed by darkness.  He is the truth and the light.  All these I proclaim & declare! 

Please continue to uphold me in prayers and pray for strength when I’m weakest, wisdom when everything seemed bleak, hope when I feel loneliest.  I need a lot of faith and trust when it comes to relationships with those around me.  Just when I am about to be witness to God, I notice the devils are starting to play tricks and make things very difficult for me; sending people I love away from me by stirring unnecessary hindrances.

I hope you have a good Sunday & Easter celebration.  I look forward to our BBQ at Big Bird’s later where I can again be surrounded by brothers and sisters in Christ.  Being amongst you people gives me the strength to move on and persevere through.

Until then, God Bless!


P/s: SaDu is slowly recovering and if all goes well, will be discharged tomorrow.  Pray for her back even as she heals from her surgery.

Pp/s: Jup26 is finally back after her holiday.  I can’t wait to hear about her deserving break!

Ppp/s: It will be a busy week for me.  But I’m looking forward to Mr Krueger’s return after a break of a year.


4 thoughts on “Blessed Easter to All

  1. Haaah?!?? Kokoa hasn’t spoken?:P Maybe he’s a baby.. You must teach him to speak la.

    Yeah, I was completely amused that you had just woken up when I called you. Our conversation went something like this:
    Me: “Errrr… are you ready?”
    You (in a loud whisper): “No!!! I’m not!!”
    Me: “Are you kidding??”
    You (very frantically): “No, I’m not!!! I just got up. You guys go ahead first… I’ll meet you in church.”

    After we were done with the phone-call, I turned to Mr Postman and said, “Whaddaheck?!?” and started laughing all the way to church. 😀

    • OMG!! LOLx!! U actually heard me and remembered what I said!! 😛 When I was rushing to shower & get ready…I kept thinking over our i actually answered you “No, I’m not” when you asked if i’m kidding!! LOLx!! I wondered if you really left for church after our conversation or you sat there wondering if i was really kidding or I really overslept!! 😛 kakakakaka…

      aiyo…embarrassing la.. 😛

  2. hahaha, we had almost reached your house when i called you:D Decided to turn to church ler:) I actually had the same experience once…when Han came to pick me up for the 9am service sometime in 2007. He was already downstairs ler…and was getting a bit puzzled why no appearance of me yet…so he called, and i had just woken up and still rolling around in bed. My heart almost stopped, and i was so paiseh, coz had to ask him to wait a further 5 minutes:P And the same thing happened last year’s easter:P Was suppsed to leave with Esther and Luk…in the end, they left without me, and i had to call mr. postman to pick me up:P

  3. Hahahaha….. just normal to overslept lah…. but i guess it is more fun reading from the blog!! Since i cant be part of all this. =D

    Ocr…. thanks for all your prayers and visitation. Your time shared with me is more important than anything else. =D

    God, I thank you for blessing a friend like Ocr to me. Please take good care of her and continue to bless her and guide her. Send your angels to protect her. Show her the way you had planned for her…….. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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