Thank God for Friday & More!

Praise God for seeing SaDu through her surgery today despite the extremely long wait that got her all anxious and tired.  Went to visit her after dinner and she was sound asleep when Bibs and I arrived.  Decided not to wake her up and let her rest since she told me she was enduring quite a painful time after the anesthetic has worn off.  I went to the nurse station to ask for a piece of paper and wrote her a note.  Just as I was about to walk towards her bed to leave the note on her table, I turned over and saw two sleepy eyes staring blur-ly at me 😛 Oops..Looks like i woke the sleepy head up :P  There were lots of flowers & gifts around her.  Glad that many had kept her close to their hearts & mind as she goes through this time.  Feel bad for going empty handed @_o  She didn’t look too tired but definitely not the usual energetic & talkative her.  I could tell she was going through a lot of pain cos she has very limited mobility.  I couldn’t even make her laugh 😛 Hehe…yea, i was guilty for cracking stupid jokes (as usual).  We didn’t stay on too long cos she really needed to rest and sleeping is prolly the only best thing to take her mind off the pain.  The next pain killer shot would only come in a few hours’ time.  Poor girl.. But it was good thing that her blood pressure went down when the nurse came to measured while I was there.  Looks like the sleep did you well my dear! 🙂

SaDu was telling me it’s a blessing in disguise that her slipped disc led her to discover the 11cm cyst.  11cm is hell huge rite? :-S I was telling her that that’s almost the length of a short ruler!  And during the surgery, they discovered a fibroid which was also a blessing that it was situated at the same side, thus the doctors could extract it too.  I guess now we will have to pray for fast & smooth recovery.  Also for her back that is giving her a lot of pain too.  She needs to heal fast so that they can proceed with the MRI and then fix the slipped disc.  I really hate to see her sick :(  Took me a lot of courage to step back into the hospital to visit her.  Watching her in bed tonight really brought back the fearful memories of her falling sick 8 years ago.  The memory is always so vividly clear in my head even until today.  I don’t think I can ever forget the pain of watching my dear friend sick.  But as she shared before, God has done amazing things in her life and definitely has saw her through those difficult times; over and over again.  God has been watching over her and her family; providing and protecting.  I guess God is also speaking to me through this ordeal; guiding me to confront my fear towards sickness, loss, and uncertainties  *big sigh*

Oh well, SaDu…hang in there ya! You’ll be fine in no time.  We are all here praying for you.  I even text Jup26 about it.  I hope she gets my SMS and prays along 🙂

Will drop by the hospital again tomorrow after getting Billy (my CLK) fixed at the accessories shop.  I have practice at 5PM that will stretch till 7PM.  It’s Prayer Day tomorrow and I’m going to pop in before my practice and spend some time in prayers.  I have much to talk to God about.  Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean I don’t talk to Him on any other days.  I guess I have a lot in my head, heart & mind of late and it’s really screwing my emotion, health and mental condition.  At this mo, I just feel very drained and tired.  I am going to work on retrieving myself from this place – will see how things go.  If He is willing, then, my plans will work out.  I can’t find anything that is really worth staying on anymore… Ya, pretty much heart broken and disappointed with many things.  Just plain lost I guess.

3e came back yesterday in the evening.  She bought me a basket of Easter Eggs from S’pore.  She was telling me the basket has been on display for weeks in her house dy and she’s just passing it to me since she’s coming home @_o Hehehe..but nvmla.. it’s cool just being able to get some bunny eggs.  Pretty cute basket too. 

From Marks & Spencer: 14 hollow Belgian milk chocolate eggs. 4 markers and a soft toy bunny in a basket 

The tag on the basket sure makes the purchase sound like a great deal eh? 😛 Eggs la…summore throw in a bunny leh! *tee hee* I have yet to open the basket.  Some of the eggs have already deform and mutated since they are hollow eggs and 3e prolly kept it in her bag when she flew in from S’pore yesterday.  I’m not exactly sure what are those markers for though.  Any idea?  

Not sure how these markers actually look like (still in the basket) and how I could potentially use them

Oh!! I geddit!! This is like an Egg Hunt game!! I think the markers are for you to put on the ground or wherever so that you can hunt for the hidden eggs!! Muahaha… I feel dumb for not figuring that out earlier 😛 Cute! ^_^

Anyways…just dawn on me that just as how Christmas has been commercialized, Easter is slowly losing its meaning in the eyes of people around the world.  Eggs..bunnies..chocolates..parties… I sure hope everyone who receives an Easter Egg remembers the true meaning behind Easter.  The sacrifice and agony that our Lord Jesus Christ had gone through just so that we can continue to live on without our past baggage.  Anyways, it’s a happy day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  So, we shall look forward to celebrate the Truth come Sunday :)  You know…I’m really looking forward and waiting eagerly for the day Jesus would return.  I always have this image in my head of me hugging Him tightly and just weeping my hearts off.  I swear…if I ever see Him..I will never let Him go again.. :(  Life feels very lonely and incomplete; insecure & lonely when I know I am here declaring His truth and yet I cannot make everyone around me see His greatness! Very frustrating you know :P  But I know I’m not alone.  I’m just feeling helpless that’s all *sigh*

Oh well, it’s been a emotionally challenging day.  Struggling to put up a straight face at work despite having so much of bottled up frustration and disappointment.  Many decisions running in my head and yet I don’t know what’s the right thing to do – to persevere or to let go.  I fear changes too much and the uncertainties seem to create more fear in me than God would sometimes.  As Cookies said, I have to seek Him.  I really have to pray about it and let Him tell me how much I have not listened to Him.  I hate it when the control freak side of me sneak up and quietly takes over my life-remote-control.  As I told Postman the other morning, uttering the words “I Surrender” actually takes a hell lot of courage and honesty.  I dunno if you feel it too.. I sometimes shudder at the thought of these words.  Surrender.  Reminds me of Uncle Herbie’s session last year where we lie prostrate on the ground for a mere few minutes which felt like eternity.  If you haven’t tried that; you should.  When you are in that position, you literally are incapable of doing anything big.  It’s like you just dump your entire body weight (life) and declare loss!  Pretty scary…  In fact, the smell of the carpet still lingers in my head..

I guess I really should go to bed now.  I’m all sniffy & stuffy.  Hope you had a Blessed Good Friday!

See you tomorrow!


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