Only Tuesday

I’ve been extremely demotivated at work and this has been going on for more than a month.  Was telling Postman today that I actually haven’t worked for more than a month now.  I remember someone commented that it’s more tiring not working than working; How true indeed! Let me tell you, it is even more tiring when you are at work but you just simply cannot bring yourself to do any work.  I’m drained mentally everyday because as easy as it sound, sitting there and doing nothing; you have no idea the bouts of guilt and worries that you have to overcome and that can really drain you out more and more each day.  I’ve been in this job for almost 6 years now.  If I include my trainee days in this company, it would mark my 7th year here.  I have been going through this same ol cycle of depression and demotivation for years.  But…I’m much much better now compared to how I used to be.  Twice a year I’ll have to drag myself out of this rut.  Tiringggg I tell you…

I had my worship practice tonight and Little Bird was really comical today! She’s so dramatic & cute & farnee all mixed together.  We ended up laughing more than we sang I think 😛 And our pianist Gergaji Jr was so confused thanks to all the lau ee’s tonight 😛 We kept changing keys and changing sequence; and he despite being the youngest…he seems to have to worst memory amongst us all! Hehehe…good thing Big Bird came and could help Gergaji Jr to make some decisions and get the lau ee’s  to move.  LOLx.  Let’s hope whatever we did tonight will be fresh in our head come Sunday.


I drove granny’s SWIFT today (totally in love with the car!). Our # plate is 9707.  I had to take my phone camera out & take this 🙂


Right now, I am just having massive headache and I need to crawl to my bed and rest.  I hate to say this, but, I really dread tomorrow…and the remaining days of the week *sigh*

I pray that God heals SaDu’s back and the growing cyst.  I hate to see her go through so much pain 😦 Please help pray for her ya.  I’m glad she managed to get a replacement to fly this weekend and spare her some time off the heavy loads.

I hope everyone will be cheery & happy after a good night rest *smile*

Good night!


3 thoughts on “Only Tuesday

  1. LOL. Aiyor OCR. Gergaji Jr ah. Wah…u very pandai to make up cute names for ppl ar… 😀

    Hope Sadu gets well. You try laying hands on her back and pray and see.. maybe that would make the pain better?


    • Have yet to see her. She only went for checkup yesterday. Looks like she may opt for surgery this week 😦 Have to pray for the right doctor to give the right diagnose & solution…

      And Cookies..You are very smart! 😀 I knew you’ll figure out Gergaji Jr

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