My earphone has completely given up on me.  Hence, I guess I cannot keep my Buta Earphone away for any longer 😀 So I dug out my new piggy earphones which I had Ben T. buy them online from Japan.  I bought 2 pairs – one white & one black.  Many asked me why didn’t I get the pink one.  I am personally not a pink person.  Moreover, pink gets dirty faster.  So, I decided on the black & white 😀 Today, I decided to officiate the black pair! Super cute I tell u!!


My piggy earphone even has a cutey little tail and a pair of mini snout! The tail will always be on the left and the head on the right!  The only thing I have to get used to now is the earphone studs which are actually quite deep.  When I put on the earphone, the studs completely seal up my ears.  Kinda makes me feel very claustrophobic.  When I first saw the earphones after receiving them from Aunty Esther, I thought I had wasted a lot of money to a cheap looking earphones (yes, they didn’t look like they would work for long).  I’m watching my drama & using my new black earphones.  I’m happy with the sound quality 😀

Anyways, it feels like a gadget day.  Guess what’s my new toy? *winkies* It’s a wireless presentation pointer which can be used to control presentation slides 😀 I asked Bibs to geddit from Low Yat for me during his weekend trip.  Not too cheap of a purchase but not too costly too I guess.  Pretty cool..just not that of a slick toy though 😉

Hokays..I need to get back to my drama 😛 Hard to concentrate on both 😀

Good nite!


One thought on “Gadgets!

  1. Wahlue eh…. very high tech lah you! New toys….. I also want. Eeerrmm…. like i am going to ever use it. hahahaha

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