Palm Sunday*

The coming week is a Holy Week.  I notice my weeks have been packed with commitments in various areas – IBS, Choir, Worship, Services, CG, Wedding planning, etc.  Looks like there are lots to keep me busy & on my feet.  Certainly better than idling at work and not being able to find the motivation to check out my long rusting & stale to-do-list.  It’s the end of Sunday and again, I dread for Monday.  I’m definitely not a Monday material.

I’m happy to have SaDu join me in church today.  I’m glad she was able to find someone to chat with while I kept myself busy running around identifying folks for WTR09 and also getting the late payments.  Like Bro T said, I’m like a “Ah Long” today!

My mood has been down since yesterday.  And I struggled to stay focus during Pastor’s sermon.  I’m glad SaDu found the message meaningful to her :)  I on the other hand was guilty for not paying attention.  Instead, I was attracted by the 4th cadenza in the Hymn of Dedication – Trust and Obey (UMH 476).

Then in fellowship sweet
we will sit at his feet, 
or we'll walk by his side in the way; 
what he says we will do, 
where he sends we will go; 
never fear, only trust and obey.


I kept praying for God to show me the right way and equip me.  And this is what I get out of today “what he says we will do, where he sends we will go; never fear, only trust and obey”.  I really think He was talking to me.

Spent the entire afternoon with SaDu today.  I guess it was a good thing Bibs wasn’t around this weekend.  We had a good and slow Sunday as we strolled around GP and finally settling for a drink at Starbucks (neither had caffeinated drinks)  We talked, we shared.  It is always good to have a SiC to encourage and support when times are rough and spiritual energy is low.  Thanks, for listening 🙂

Bibs got home around 7PM tonight despite the heavy downpour.  It was great to just be able to see him after 3 days.  Missed his craziness & boyishness!  :)  Nothing beats having him near and just knowing that he’s around to rescue me if I need to runaway :P  No, I’m not running away…yet!

My internet has been real bad of late.  I just hope it gets better soon cos it really irks me when I can’t even load up a page and I’m still paying TMNuts every month.

Anyways, I have better head to bed. It’s been a teary day and I guess it could be PMS, I dunno.  Oh, i forgot about my BoO today.  Nvm.  Will get back on track tomorrow.  Oh yea! Guess what Bibs said when he saw me today?? “Waa, haven’t seen you for 3 days and you’ve lost weight.  What did you do?”  Hahaha…I was too happy to bother about the level of truthfulness in that! 😛

Some things to remember this week,

  • Replace my broken earphone

I took the Sony Walkman MP3 player from L 3 years back.  The Sony earphone had been faithful till last nite

  • Make a list of prayer items (for Prayer Day)
  • Complete IBS tasks
  • Listen to the songs for worship practice
  • File tax – yuck!

Should I use paper filing or e-Filing? Yes, I’m very not tech-savvy

BTW, the Holy Week program:


Prayer Watch

6 – 8 Apr


8.30PM – 10.00PM

Maundy Thursday Worship (Holy Communion)

9 Apr

Sanctuary 8.00PM
Good Friday Worship 10 Apr Sanctuary 8.00PM
Day of Prayer 11 Apr Sanctuary 7.00AM – 6.00PM
Easter Service (combine) 12 Apr Sanctuary 10.00AM


 * Palm Sunday – Click here


3 thoughts on “Palm Sunday*

  1. Eh, ANYTIME anyone pays you a compliment that you lost weight, TAKE IT happily la! No need to wonder whether its true or not!! *smack* missed Bibs…awwwwww….

    Yeah, me no likey Streamyx much these days. So turtle-like.

    Speaking of no-likeys, I don’t like paying taxes!!! Filed mine already (thank God) and summore have to pay extra! Grrrrr…

    • Hehehe..i dont wanna believe in something untrue and ends up getting worse wat 😛

      I havent started filing my tax..i’m so lazy! Having to go through all my bills &’s no fun. And i noticed I keep making wrong calculations 😛

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