Pride challenged!

Ok. I just cannot help but to post another entry 😛 (yes, i’m not working..again!)

Bibs is gonna ditch me this weekend for Kay & Elle! He would rather choose to be with some bunch of youngsters than me! *sob* And knowing how precious our weekends are… *argh!* Deep inside I know I hate to sign that approval letter (not that he actually cares to get one in the first place *sigH*) but yet I have to do it..just so as he will still come back to me after getting sick of Kay or Elle… *urgh* Can’t believe I’m gonna go thru this lonely torment for the weekend…

But I’m silently wishing and comforting myself that… perhaps…maybe….














He’s getting me my Bday gift!!



Okla…I know it’s very early la…If he’s sincere…early oso not a problem ma..! *hmmph*




Bibs, if you’re reading this –> I’m GONNA go PARTY ALL NIGHT LONG!! *puff* *fold arms* *pout*



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