i can’t help it..

It’s not that i wanna grumble or complain; but seriously…!! *hating myself as i type*…

I just read another entry on my fren’s blog and she just received a surprise box of awesome roses given to her by her husband – for the reason; SAJA *gasp in disbelief* There goes one fella who makes the effort to do things to surprise his married wife (i know it’s redundant to mention the married word but i’m just trying to emphasize how wrong is the myth that marriage is the end of all romanticism) and here I am still battling and debating with Bibs about him not sending or giving me a single stalk of flower since we met (ok…I exaggerated. He did give me flowers which he asked his mate to get from Cameron Highlands since he happened to be there simply becos it’s cheaper. How do you rate the sincerity level??) And over lunch we talked about a mutual colleague who received a big bouquet of orchid (purple & green) just last week and the person who ordered the flowers is like a million miles away across the globe! The point is – so far also pple make the effort and point to deliver something nice! Here I am just right next to him every other day; slaving and loving him but yet I get nothing. WHY? *geram* And a while ago, the same colleague just came by to tell me she’s getting another bouquet! Becos that person across the globe knows she’s unhappy and wants to cheer her up! *tell me you are not pulling ur hair too?!!*

Okla..it’s not that I really want those flowers. It’s not that I purplely wanna make him waste money. But I have to be honest ma, who doesn’t like to receive gifts & surprises? Big or small, it’s the thought & the effort that counts (i didn’t say that the cameron flowers were thoughtless or effortless ok?) And if he can actually gimme a good explanation as to why he refuses doesn’t want to gimme flowers..then, maybe I can try to understand. But..NO! When confronted, all he said was “You want I mah buy for you lo!”…yea…RITE! I’ve been saying that for 2 years…and he had been saying that too since *roll eyes*

You see, the whole idea is that if he refuses to explain himself (as always), then, I will have all the rights to make assumption. And hence I concluded that moolah is more important than me. Yes, $$ > me.


*helicopter spin*








Okay….*exhale*….above all that…I know he loves me. I’ll go meditate on that..



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