12 in 2?

That’s 12KG in 2 months…to LOSE!

Mana boleh? 😦 Seriously, I am still very depressed over the fact that I have piled on 12kg since end of 2007 till now. I mean, how could I possibly allow that to happen?! Many times I tried to convince myself that it’s the steroid that I took in 2007 that has caused my rounded-moon-face. But that doesn’t explain why I can no longer pull my jeans past my thighs (that’s like less than 5 fingers above my knees mind u), or pull over a baby-T/tank and not risk crushing my ribs & puncturing my lungs or even breaking my arms while trying to get out of my top! So many clothes in my wardrobe (and that’s after giving a lot away and yet I only have like..wat?…10 or 20pcs to wear (including PJs!) *wail loud loud*

What am I gonna do? I have 2 weddings to attend in June – 6th & 14th! That doesn’t leave me with much choice! And u noe wat?! One’s an oriental theme which means I either wrap myself up like a california temaki, or dress in layers of kimono and walk around the entire evening like a sneaky rat!

And the next wedding is an Indian wedding which I’m required to wear a saree! So, what now? Dress up as a mummy? *pulls hair* I’m the wedding organizer for both these weddings which means there is no way I can get myself out of this. But hey! A cheongsum-look-alike requires great figure and flat tummy. F-L-A-T! Saree may be a little more approval of my flabulous chee cheong fun but c’mon! Those unnecessary lines & stretches.. U’ve gotta be kidding me! Now I feel like the 27 dresses ordeal..

I’m depressed…and worried…and anxious..and I’m so NOT gonna stand on a scale again! *sob out loud*



5 thoughts on “12 in 2?

  1. aiyorrr…so cham one…??? Seriously, 12 kg alot leh
    maybe u could try toning exercise?
    may not lose THAT MUCH weight… but u look more toned and slim…
    and btw, ur face, arms and upper half of ur body looks great already…so u find something to flatter the bottom half lar…:D

  2. btw, the saree ah… becareful u noe… i had a lecturer once, who insists of wearing saree all the time…and i think her chee cheong fun is moe dak ding… more grand and impressive than yours…so be thankful. Just try to tie it in a way that conceals what u wanna hide… She never conceal anything… the whole roll of chee cheong fun just fall out everytime. Get ppl so distracted in her lectures somemore…

    • Yooo… i scared the saree’s cloth not enuff to cover my chee cheong fun! :-S then, as i walk around..it’ll go “boing boing” :-S

      i know 12 kg is a lot…. but..i wanna reduce 2kg now oso so difficult 😦 can u pls use a surgical knife to slice off 5 inches from each arm..and 10 from my tummy? :-S

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