20 fingers and 20 toes!

Buffed, filed and shiny!

I met up with SaDu last night immediately after work since my IBS meeting was canceled and Bibs had a meeting to attend and could give me a ride home later 😉 It was good to be out again cos as I was telling SaDu how boredly stressed I am and that it’s really killing me behind my 4 3/4 cube walls (no ceiling tho). We went to QB since it’s near and has most things in there for us to figure out how we wanna spend the next 3.5 hours. We started off by visiting the Directory Board at 2F. We considered stuffs like reflexology, facial, brow, massage, fish spa…but none seemed to appeal. Either too $$, or torturing or hygienically-challenged. Then we chanced upon this shop call Summer Nail & Spa Beauty shop almost at the end of 2F @ the North Wing (just a couple of shop after the fish spa thingy…which surprisingly has BIG fishes instead of small guppies that I thought they would use *shivers*). The shop looks small and not exactly attractive in any ways. While scrutinizing the price list, we kinda felt that it was OK to prolly go for either a Manicure or a Pedicure. Mind you, I’m damn kiam when it comes to all these luxury & pampering. So, you can imagine how bored and in need of doing something different. Since SaDu had a stressful weekend of traveling, we too was cool about the pampering idea.

Summer charges MYR30 for manicure and MYR40 for pedicure (male customers will have to pay extra MYR10). Then my eye caught sight of some loose leaflets on a small pocket next to the price list. They were having this promotion where you pay only MYR58 for manicure & pedicure treatment! Not too bad rite? And hence, we both ended up making an appointment for a session which was only available an hour from then. So, we went for dinner while waiting 😉 And seeing that we are both equally kiam we scouted around 2 other nail salons (Nail Hansen & Bloom Nail). The price in Bloom Nail is pretty similar but Nail Hansen is waaayyyy above! Charging for MYR100 for both mani/pedicure. I guess they could be much better in terms of service and quality of treatment; if you have tried them, maybe you can let me know. But either way, I doubt I’ll spend that kind of moolah.

We had our dinner at Dome last night. Ordered a soup (for only MYR5) along with an entree each; SaDu had a Spicy Seafood Linguine and I had a Beef Nasi Lemak. The soup was a disappointment for both of us albeit the big portion. SaDu had the wild mushroom soup which wasn’t the slightest bit wild; wash down and completely diluted. I ordered my favorite Minestrone but it turned out more like a tomato soup with lots of stuffs inside. I didn’t enjoy my soup because it was too sour for my taste. By the time our entree was served, we were both full and could barely survived through the remaining of our food. I had to pack half of my nasi lemak and I had it this morning for breakfast instead (which I’m still so full even after lunch time!).

Gonna show you some pictures I took during our manicure & pedicure session. Not gonna write much since I have more than enough pics to show. I was pretty much a jakun last night cos it’s my first time getting my nails done and my feet cleaned & spa-ed by someone else! Ironically, the first time I stepped into a nail spa salon a few years back was also with SaDu; just that I waited for her instead 😛 The lady who served me was very nice and I sure set the chatterbox inside me free! It was a good thing the shop had only 4 of us. Else, i would have chased all the customers away 😛 Picture time!

Image taken from queensbaymallmalaysia.com.com

The interior design, deco and mini fan

SaDu’s nice french mani/pedicure

All in all, we really enjoyed our night. I opted for very simple finger & toe nail color while SaDu have super nice French style (additional MYR20). I guess for that price, I will be back again. Moreover, it felt really good (and relieved) that someone actually help me fix my ugly and dried feet (and cracked heel). I prolly will come back again in the next quarter or so depending on the condition of my wallet. If you think you wanna pamper yourself and you are fine with the price, this is the detail of the shop

Summer Nail & Spa Beauty
A: 2F-20, North Zone
P: 04-645 5788 (Appointment Preferred)
E: summernail@gmail.com
B: 10.30AM – 10.30PM
Joyce Neoh or Susan Teh

Other services available:- Hair Waxing Removal, UV Gel & All Types of Nails Services

Have a nice day!

P/S: My boss is out today! *woot woot*


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