10 past 7

I’ve been sleeping late since Sunday night (again!).  Somehow, my headache seemed to have inch out after that.  Maybe my worms just need to have some night out and they’ll be fine.  Then again, I had better not speak too soon.  I’m suppose to have a 7AM meeting…but I had so many dreams last night that I conveniently overslept and woke up only at 7.10AM! *gasp* How could I possibly boot up Harry, login to work and still make it for the call?  I must have completely turned off my alarm without snoozing… Argh!

Image taken from www.argyleacademy.com. (To the author: I couldn’t find a copyright statement on your site.  Please let me know if you want me to remove your artwork.  I apologize if it appears as an infringement)

Gosh, I panicked and started thinking of all sorts of excuses…none would possibly sound logical @_o  And true enough, by the time I dialed in, it was 7.15AM and…… “The music will continue playing until the moderator joins in the conference…”  Errr… I couldn’t find the meeting room in NetMeeting either.  What to do? Have to email the folks and tell them I missed the meeting…cos there’s only two possibilities – 1) Meeting cancelled without notification  2) Meeting is over *jeng jeng jeng*

Again….true enuff….meeting over *fall off my chair*

Now i’m all sleepy and have to wait for Bibs to fetch me cos bro has already left for work *double @_o*  Not a good way to start my day eh?  *yawn*  Gotta change now…


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