The good fights the bad

I’m feeling a good mixture of excitement and worry after popping in my very first Borage Oil post paper cereal breakfast. Cookies seems to be out of touch the past two days. Hope she’s ok. Since I didn’t get any respond on the right time to take the supplement, I presume the earlier the better.

I just officiated my 1st bottle of Borage Oil (the other one I left at home for weekend consumptions). The pills are actually pretty big..I was expecting something smaller *eek* And you know what…the smell of the pills *turns purple* @_@ I couldn’t bear the smell and had to quickly curi a pill and close the lid back. I’m now curious as to how my body will react to a sudden surge of good fatty acids 😀 Apparently headaches and nauseous are common effects of Borage Oil on some people. Crossing my fingers I won’t experience any of these. I have enough headaches to blast the last bits of cells off my piggy skin

Oh, I took a picture of the EPO that Jup got for me from Oregon. This one is from Vitamin World. It’s a good deal. But don’t ask us me what’s a rapid release softgel though. If I have to guess, I suppose the softgel case dissolves faster? *tee hee*

Currently this bottle sits on the overhead cabinet in my office since I don’t have a good place to keep it at home. Plus I won’t be needing it until much later. Don’t worry, the expiry is in 2010 *act smart*

Meekoo gave me a gift from US. I like it a lot. I’ve decided to pin it up on the fabric wall of my cube since I spend most of the time at work. Plus, at home…no place to hang pun @_o

Nice kan? It has a light purple on the cross (which i love!) and the word hope engraved using a soft, gentle font; it’s almost like a gentle whisper reminding me to persevere and have hope.

Oh..and I finally remember to transport the blue turtle that Cookies gave me a while back to office and unite with the rests of the fellow turtles. Cute kan? *act cute*


5 thoughts on “The good fights the bad

  1. Haha…I feel smart for getting that right! 😉 U noe wat..Your turtle doesn’t look turtle 😛 the flippers don’t look normal 😛 Hahaha..this is really fah li fah look!

  2. Hehehehe… my turtle very stylish…knows how to do shell-icure (as opposed to manicure/pedicure). Then it’s blue because he is a Royal Turtle:P Got blue blood and transparent skin u noe…

  3. Ehhh… of course sai la! Celebrity mar… must look bling bling abit loh!:D Hehehe… one thing missing is that pair of shades…and nail polish for his fingers/toes on da special flippers…:P Waahaha. Then he will look completely suave! wanna go charm all the rest of ur turtles ma…and make sure they accept him into their circle:D

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