Borage Oil

A few weeks back Cookies shared her experience on consuming Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) regularly.  I have heard of many around me who has taken EPO and many has advised me to do the same for my super irregular menses problem.  But knowing me, pills literally means sick.  And I really don’t like the idea of taking pills everyday especially after my acne problem in 2007 – I fear medicine as much as I fear doctors now!

But in the past year since the Queen’s return from Oz, she bought me a few bottles of Echinacea which i requested.  I’ve been relying on Echinacea to help combat my deteriorating immune system – and honestly, I testify for this herb; seriously!  The problem is, it is costly and it must not be consume on regular basis.  Else, your body will get immune to its effect and hence, wastage.  So, that kinda got me trusting herbs rather than chemically created medication or supplements which I can never trust my life on it.  I ain’t gonna be my next boss (he is chemically preserved – that’s what I call him).  Anyways, when Cookies told me about the goodness EPO has brought her (namely the effects on her skin, PMS and mostly…the flatten tummy!), I got real attracted to it *grin mischievously* Okla…i admit’s the body weight & flat tummy that I’m really focusing on 😛 (at least i’m honest!)

I searched online for ‘famous EPO brands’ and kinda came across GNC.  I remembered there’s a branch in GP and so I went to check things out.  The price for a 1300mg 180 soft gels EPO costs over MYR200+.  Not cheap even though a bottle could literally last me for 6 months since it’s 1300mg, I only need to consume 1 soft gel a day.  Then, the sales lady introduced me to this other GLA option call Borage Oil (i can’t use the initial BO cos it’ll unintentionally lead you to imagine the odor that comes along with it!).  Basically Borage Oil is similar to EPO just that the GLA content of Borage is significantly higher than EPO.  The former being 24% and latter only 8%.  That’s like 3 times more!  Obviously, Borage is not cheap too! 1000mg for 90 soft gels and that costs me over MYR130! But I must say the stuffs I Googled about Borage seemed attractively encouraging.  If you wanna know more about it, you can do a quick search or read here, and here.


Borage Flower (Borago Officinalis) a.k.a. Starflower (taken from here)

So after getting to know about Borage Oil and EPO, I kinda got anxious and really wanna get my hands on them.  There are plenty of brands off the shelf at Guardian or any other pharmacies.  I just didn’t know which one to go for.  Then, the impulsive side of me (watz new?!) suddenly remember I have 3 buddies who were then in the states.  Of cos it doesn’t make sense to ask one of them to carry a whole load of supplements for me.  1) it’s too heavy  2) i don’t even know how many to buy   3) i dont have money to buy.  So, i did some quick research and decided to go with a combination of Borage & EPO.  And purchasing them in US is like SOOOOOO MUUUCCCHHHH MUCCCCCHHH CHEAPERRRRRRRR!!  One bottle of Borage cost USD16 and a good deal of EPO can be USD30 for 240 soft gels of 1300mg.  With the amount that I ordered through Jup, Meekoo and Pans, I have more than enuff stock to last me for 1.5yrs.  The problem now is…I dunno if these supplements work well with me or not @_o ( usual…I didn’t really think about it)

This is what I got through Meekoo (thanks for helping me carry it!) 

Borage Oil by GNC 1000mg 90 softgel for USD15.79

And this is what I got through Jup (thanks for helping me get a good deal!) – Sorry, no bigger picture of the bottle.  I didn’t get to take a photo of it.

I’m expecting to receive my 3rd bottle (the 180 soft gel) from Pans this week

EPO by GNC 1300mg 180 softgel for USD25.99

Come to think of it, my supplements came from 3 different states of US…truly United States of America – Oregon, Illinois and California!  Anyways, I’m wondering when is the best time to take my GLA supplements.  I’m gonna start with Borage first.  Should I take in the morning after breakfast, or during lunch, or during dinner, or before I go to bed?  I’m trying to place my Borage Oil at places where I’ll be needing them – office or at home.  I know i know..I very the aunty; liddat oso must fan about it 😛 Cant help it k?  This is going to help me lose some weight (which I strongly believe are not fats but water :D)… Oh well, let me know what is the best time ok?  I’m very worried about how my body is going to react with the sudden supply of GLA… *fingers crossed*

I took a cup of strong coffee at granny’s.  Now I’m seriously wide awake! +0_0+

I’m so gonna die tomorrow at work! *gulp*


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