Earth Hour

So, how did you spend your Earth Hour voting for our mother earth? 😀 Partied? Studied with your torchlight or oil lamp? Chitty chatty with your buddies or went online? For me, I did my part reminding my folks about it…but Queen conveniently said “’s today meh? I almost forgot.  I’m going karaoke @ Uncle T2L’s place” @_o  Ohkkayyy…looks like it’s not gonna impact them.  Considering my sis is just…clueless… I guess I’m pretty much alone in the effort to spare Earth for an hour.  Hence, me and Bibs decided to go out to GP for a little jalan-jalan; mostly to use off the MYR20 voucher which will expire tomorrow (sorry, it’s now).  So, i wouldn’t say I did my part for Earth Hour, but at least I am/was not guilty of leaving the lights on 😀

Today has been rather casual & free-and-easy for two of us.  I got up pretty early this morning since I slept before 12AM last nite.  Had some dreams which I shared with Bibs and got him poking fun of me the whole day.  In my dream (the last bits that I remembered), I was offered a high post as some Marketing big shot in GAMA KL Branch (it’s kayelle branch ok! Not the PG, it’s a bit more high-class k! Stop laughing!)  And I was apparently highly appreciated by my big shot boss and I was actually given free accom at this super luxurious E&O type of hotel-cum-apartment; aiya..dunno how to explain la.  But it’s just very classy & super nice place with glass windows all around & black wrought iron grills; super nice la! Wish I can show you my dream *sigh*  But anyways, as usual, Bibs has this major prejudice towards GAMA and couldn’t stop making fun of me for being so lack of ambition and only long to be a big shot in GAMA *roll eyes*  Again…I’s the KL Branch! *grrr*

Back to my day..We went around running some errands after a good lunch @ one of our favorite Hainanese stall at the Esplanade.  If you haven’t been there before, you should really go try.  It’s at the food court at Esplanade.  The only Chinese stall which has super good business and sells western food along with some Chinese cuisines.  What’s good?  Try the chicken chop, fried rice and hokkien char.  Portion is big and taste superbly authentic Hainanese! Seriously! On the opposite side of the food court, you can also get very famous Mee Sultan.  Yummilicious too.  But I must warn you – it’s very unhealthily delicious 😛 Contains high amount of sugar & coloring.  Occasionally should be OK la I guess :P  Oh, you can also get Coconut Shake there (it’s just a drink…don’t go think otherwise! Tsk tsk!)

I have been having bad headaches the past few days.  I developed a temperature yesterday too when I came back home in the middle of the day cos I just couldn’t withstand the torment in my head.  I couldn’t sleep and my heart was beating too fast.  It happened again today and that really worries me.  I’m not exactly sure what’s wrong but my aunt kinda reminded me to get my eyes checked again – of which, I already made my appointment.  I haven’t had my glaucoma checkup done for 3 years already.  Bad move… :( 

So, tonight at GP…we strolled a little and I complained to Bibs that I want a new bag.  One which is not given to me by someone as 2nd hand or part of a free gift from some cosmetic brand.  He reluctantly agreed to get me one; so, i had all the rights to look at the wide range that GP has.  Honestly, too fancy for me.  I just need something that looks classy & chic but it must be big enuff for all my nonsense.  Shouldn’t be too loud and fashion-statement-fied.  Not easy to find I reckoned.  Nebbermind..I’ll continue looking.  After the stroll, we pop by Starbucks for a cuppa (despite it still being March and we have already hit our 1-luxury-splurge-a-month quota).  I We had a good chat.  As usual, I talked; Bibs listened.  As expected, 100% talking (me) and 0.01% respond (Bibs).  Nebbermind…at least I think it was good to be able to sit down and really talk about things in general.  And he’s in a good mood tonite..which is great 🙂

I’m kinda still having palpitation after the Espresso Frap.  I’m slowly letting it go off by drinking lots of water and also waiting for my face mask to dry up *can’t grin cos mask is restricting facial muscles movement* Kinda awake now…also becos I napped for 2 hours in the evening because of my bad headache.  Guess I’m gonna go entertain myself with whatever.  I have yet to get down to my PT stuffs *procrastinate alarm sounding*

Talk to you guys later.  Nites! 


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