Vote Earth!

I suppose I’m prolly one of the few thousands (if not millions) who are writing an entry about today’s most awaited event – EARTH HOUR!  Yes, today will mark a day where we vote for Mother Earth and play our part by simply committing to switching off all lights for an hour.  Only ONE HOUR.  I did ask Meekoo, “What about the fan? AC? TV?…internet? (with much worry in my tone)”… but no! All you have to do is just make sure you do whatever you wanna do in the dark for that 60 minutes.

Some things you can do to show that you have voted and supported Earth Hour:-

  • Take a photo and upload it to your Flickr account.  Tag it with your city and country.  Then, add it to Earth Hour’s flickr group.  Easy?
  • Take a video of whatever event or thing that you were up to during that hour.  Upload it to YouTube and again, add it to Earth Hour’s YouTube group
  • Blog it! No lights can still us PC or notebook ma?! So, why not blog about it? Then, tag your entry with earthhour or voteearth, and your location.  I’ll try to do this if I’m at home with Harry or Ethan
  • Twitter dedicate your Twits to #earthhour or #voteearth along with your #location.  Do a big shoutout to all your followers

I guess these isn’t too hard to commit to.  Just a matter of setting a reminder & remembering to do it.  When? 


8.30PM tonight

28 MARCH 2009 (Saturday)

Wherever you are, whatever you do



To know more, visit 60 Earth Hour website!





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