On the same day last year…

Mocha was born!! *Hip hip hooray*

March 25, 2009 marks Mocha’s 1st birthday.  And since marmee has been busy at work the whole day, I could only do something real simple for my baby.  So, i invited a few of Mocha’s good friends over to have a candle blowing ceremony…..*awww* how sweet kan? :D  Oh well, I’m sure Mocha understands that marmee & daddee has been busy lately.  Anyways, I did compensate with the Cameron Highlands trip (although not exactly successful) 😀

Gotto go for choir practice now!  After which, we’ll continue to celebrate in Mackers!  Aunty Cookies & Aunty SaDu is supposed to be there *woot woot* Uncle Postman too! ;)  See you later alligatorz!



*Mocha bouncing around on the bed*

He’s so happy tonight!  Despite having to wait patiently in my bag while listening to us sing, he actually get a nice mini-birthday celebration at Mackers before the clock struck 12AM! Aunty Cookies & Uncle Postman, Aunty Small Bird & Uncle Big Bird join Daddee & Marmee to have a small celebration with Darling Mocha.  He’s now a happy 1 year old boy *grin with pride* 

There you go..the b’day boy tried to take a picture but was too short; hence Marmee had to help him out (which explains the hand :P) and Aunty Cookies took a snap! 😉 hansem loh!


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