Sermon Notes – 15 March 2009

I think I have to try to post up my sermon notes sooner after each Sunday than to delay it till the following weekend.  I’ve been wanting to do so this week but you know me…I’m such a big fat procrastinator *embarrassed* And just when I thought I would get it done before I go off the island (I’m super paranoid about leaving my house/the island to the extend I have to make sure everything is done to a certain extent – JIC i don’t return ma..), my camera’s batteries are flat and I can’t take a snapshot of my doodles.  Nevermind.  I’ll upload when it’s ready 🙂

So, last week’s sermon was preached by Rev. Dr. Simon Chan (both Dr. & Mrs. Chan was around – more here).  One thing I like about Dr. Simon’s style is that he does not get very lengthy & wordy.  He’s very precise with his words and message; so much so, he can be rather blunt and delivers his thoughts pretty direct without any reserved.  I attended one of his public talks where he spoke about corporate prayer.  Some folks asked him some questions and he answered them with utmost confidence, held on to his opinions & firmly expresses his thoughts without the slightest sign of bending.  You’ve got to know your stuffs real well to be able to speak like him.  And he is definitely a good example of how you don’t have to talk so much just to get your point across – simple, short & concise!  Admire…

Anyways, here’s some of the notes that I managed to pen down or drew… Not too much this week cos I think I spend quite an amount of my time focusing on what Dr. Simon said & he sure had me digesting quite a bit..

Sermon title: Dealing with the problem of integrity (Exodus 20:1-17)

Just the title alone sends shivers down my spine *guilt*

  1. Dr. emphasize his sermon on the 9th commandment

    Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour (KJV)

    or, You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor (NIV)

  2. “Bear false witness” means someone who deliberately provide false evidence/witness and manipulates the truth for own benefits.  The keyword here is deliberate; with absolute intention/conscience to hide the truth
  3. Proverbs 12:17, 14:5, 14:25, 19:5 and 19:9 – All these scriptures speaks of how what false witnesses are; the lies and dishonesties.  Then the scriptures go on to say that all liars and people who consciously manipulates the truth will be condemned and not go unpunished!
  4. How does this apply to the modern Christian community?
    • The truth of the Gospel has been altered & tailored to suit the eyes and ears of the recipient which falsifies the truth – intentionally or not, it is equivalently guilty
    • Many preachers would make false claims & promises in Jesus’s name – exaggerating and literally lying in His name to prophesize or proclaim promises that are just a bunch of lies
    • Today, many people are beginning to perceive preaching of the gospel as fantasy and lie – accessorizing the gospel!
  5. Then, Dr. Simon went on to the critical part of his message which certainly got me convicted!
    • Prejudice – a personal perception that treats all evidence unfairly & biasly.  It is as good as falsifying the truth.  And what’s more, it’s undeniably for selfish reasons. 
    • Prejudice – is an equally treacherous act!
    • this is something that happens in our lives day in and day out which is often overlook and assume it’s nothing bad – we are as guilty for dishonesty as any others who have committed any dishonest act out there
  6. He also went on to tell us how dangerous it is to fall into the trap of such false witness
    • Failure to weigh evidence failure just because of personal prejudice can ruin and destroy relationships.  How true this can be.  For a moment I started to reflect on myself and how often I had allowed my own perception cloud my judgment and conveniently pass my rationale as justice & right.  Whenever we hold on firmly to our opinions, we will do everything that we can to insist the truths are on our side and how just our words or actions are.  And to make things worse, we then take pride in convicting others for mistakes that are probably not even based on facts or truth.  To begin with, who are we to judge?
    • Prejudice also destroys trusts and causes de-sanction
    • Also destroys community – just like fire, it starts small but it’ll grow big.  Sometimes we do not realized how our actions and words could lead to a string of negative impact on people who are around us.  Those eyes and ears that observes and listens.  And we are supposed to be the living witness of God’s word in our lives – how could this possibly do justice to Him?
  7. Finally, we were left with the message – Examine our hearts before judging others.  For we could be just as guilty as we have summoned others to be.  Don’t live our lives grooming lying tongues that confess God’s glories and at the same time preach lies


I’ll put up the my doodles later 🙂



It’s getting late and i have to get up early tomorrow to set off for my Cameron trip! I’m really excited about my mini holiday.  I pray that everyone will be able to make it tomorrow and that God will ensure everything else at our homes are taken care off & protected.  May our Father also grant us journey mercies and great weather so that we can all have a good retreat together.  I think this trip plays a very important role in bringing the new CG mates closer with the older ones – nothing beats strong brother/sisterhood within the family :) 

Oh well, while I’m gone during the weekend, please be good.  Behave yourself – drink more water, get more sleep and don’t you cloud your mind with nonsense.  Hear me? :)  I’ll see you soon!  Gonna just put up the latest edited CG photos which is similar to the one at Fellowship Room *grin*

Photo taken & edited by Daniel



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