Cameron Here I come!

I have very very little recollection of Cameron Highland since the last I set foot on the hill was when I still real puny.  I could only remember the place where I stayed as dark & dim…the steamboat with loads of cabbage (no  meat) served with rice…and very thick clothes.  I even remember I wore this green knitted pullover.  I dont think I remember much – not even strawberries.  Don’t know if they already have strawberries back then 😛

So, I’m real excited to go back there and just take a look at the place.  It’ll be real fun & different because it’s my first outing with my CG mates whom I have not went outside the island before.  In fact, I have not spent more than 6 hours with them! Except for a few whom I work with *tee hee*  I sure look forward to this little retreat up to the hill.  Some moments of fellowship, prayers; just away from my daily routines & the distractions.

Metro East

Photo taken by Daniel

Plus, I’m taking Monday off too.  I was telling Cookies I don’t know exactly what I wanna do on  Monday yet.  But Bibs kinda already suggested to aunt & granny that we’ll go Jahwee for duck rice.  I know..very odd eh? 😛 Oh well, as long as it’s something different *grin* And I kinda extended the trip invitation to the majesties but I have yet to get any respond.  Hmm…Prolly they have more important things to do 😉

Oh wow…the weather is really not too friendly at this mo.  Thunder & lighting…no good no good.   Esp when I have to head down town earlier today to meet someone from the Merlion Land.  Humm…let’s hope the rain doesn’t last too long.   Oh! Most importantly…could you guys pray for good weather & journey mercies for my Cameron trip? :)  We’ll need that for sure!

I can’t for work to end..and the meeting to end a.s.a.p too…dash home to pack (Oh! I forgot to prepare my packing list).  And mostly..I’m gonna be meeting SaDu tonight for a cuppa – Just to prove to her that I have indeed pile on 12kg despite her furious disbelief (yea…I also wish I can ignore those flabs and figures on my i-think-is-lying-scale)

Alrightey…back to work *guilty grin*



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