A bit of everything..

It’s getting late and I’m feeling superbly tired already.  So, I’ll prolly not write much.  But there’s so much that had happened in the past few days that I can’t wait to share them.  The past few days (till tonite in fact), we had been working so hard practicing and preparing for the Worship Concert in church last night.  We had a few sessions with Mrs. C – and yes, I am still traumatized by her scolding and demands; but let me tell you..she is truly the most gifted singer/musician that I have known so far.  Her passion towards music and towards serving the Lord is simply amazing.  I really hope I can learn more from her despite the kind of headache I get after the grilling hours! :P 

I was so worried since Saturday evening when Mrs. C conveniently made me sing a short section of solo for a wonderful piece call “My God is an Awesome God”.  Boy…I freaked out of cos! I can’t read notes..and I didn’t even have the slightest clue of how that section sounded.  How could I possibly sing with the choir and risk ruining the entire song!?  During the rehearsal on Monday night..I could see the stressed and horrified look on Mrs. C when I tried out my part (for the 2nd time mind you!).  That night, I could not sleep.  I practiced the song in my head the entire night through during my dreams of cos…and the next day at work was just completely filled with anxiety & fear.  But I tell you…God is always good :)  It is true that nothing is impossible to Him and all these are in His mercy.  I remember praying to Him and ask Him to just take control as I have no intention to take honor or pride over how I sing on stage last night.  If He wants to use me to deliver the message to the people; then, He will make it possible.  And Praise God, I indeed survived and I think I did better than I expected albeit the trembling voice and the tighten vocal chords in utter fear!  Oh well, it’s not up to the standard and I prolly did not do justice to the wonderful music.  I just hope the congregation heard every word that I sang..

God is good… He’s always right on time.  Let’s take the time to glorify the Lord.  Hold on a never let go, He is our friend in deed.  Let’s tell the world that He is our God!


In case I did not mention, it was Mrs. C who taught me the wonders of Choir Ministry last year.  I truly urge you to join one in your church.  You’ll experience Him in a completely different way!

Photos taken by Tairven

And that’s not the end to my witnessing God’s grace.  Many would know that things have been rough between me and the Queen.  God has granted me peace & patience the past whole week and I could not give any lesser thanks to Him for His grace & mercy.   Last night was the Queen’s birthday and knowing how things have been..I almost knew I would be dead when I tell her I was going to be in church and not be with her/family to celebrate her birthday.  Well, I had been praying and asking for God to show me the right way through this for I truly do not want to be the stumbling rock.  Guess what?  God not only made it possible for me to sing in church last night; He even arranged a wonderful program for the Queen.  Most importantly…He kept her busy until I returned from my mamak session with a bunch of folks from church!  I could actually get home before anyone did (and survive not being grilled :P).  The Queen’s mood was so good when she came back, that I could prepare the bday cake that I bought for her & have her cut her cake :)  God is good isn’t it?  All the time..!


Today I went for blood donation which I signed up last week.  My little red book showed 6 records of donations in the past 6 years of working in my company.  Not too bad right? 🙂 But I had been longing to get back in the donation mode since I was rejected twice since 2007 – I was on Oratene and 2008 I wasn’t physically fit to donate.  So…it’s been bummers!  Hence, I’m so glad & thankful that I actually made it through the donation today.  I even had a beautiful blood pressure reading! 120/80!! That’s like sooo great! :D  I guess putting on 12kg wasn’t too bad afterall eh? :P  Anyways, everyone who registered gets a free name card holder; nothing fancy, but I am just proud of myself for getting through this.  Did I mention it’s my first attempt donating blood without my usual entourage to cheer me on? ;)  I do miss them though…

I asked to take a snap of my bag of blood 😛

Anyways, tonight’s practice was good.  More beautiful songs to glorify His name.  I often wonder how these composers write such awesome music.  But I guess it’s yet another testimony of God’s ability to grant us the gift and allow us to put that to good use; in His name of cos :)  Oh well, I am really tired now with my eyes half opened.   Early meeting again tomorrow (more like today!).  I’ll just leave you to a slightly sadder news…

Now I have to adjust to the uneven “length” of my fingers – which makes typing very difficult.  I will cut my nails soon.  I promise…

Good nite now


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