Slowing down..

More than two weeks ago, my life was completely hectic.  Work, work, work and work.  I didn’t give myself much time or chance to slow down; I just kept pushing to the limit because I don’t want to have time to think or have other thoughts.  The past two weeks had been completely crazy; crazy in a different way.  My body started to recognize long cycles of exhaustion.  I often feel tired and I have been sleeping early and getting up about the same time every morning (albeit the major reluctance to go work).  Despite the long(er) hours of sleep, I could not get my energy level up.  I blame the never ending dreams.

My morale has been low and my mood is often down.  Too many things going on and too many changes happening in & outside of my body.  I’m both upset & disappointed.  Let’s just say, I’m distracted in all ways.  I keep reminding myself of the need to get back into my exercise regime.  Imagine how discipline I used to be:

  • Every Saturday morning I’ll make my way to the pool – hit no less than 7 laps (pardon the slowness)
  • Stretch and flex on the mat for no less than 3 hours weekly
  • Hike & climb for at least 3 hours weekly (my supposed cardio)

and now… I have none of the above.  Honestly, it is depressing.  But somehow, I just don’t have the drive.  I have succumbed to my depression.

Lately, I started to have bad headaches.  I tried to increase my intake of water and sleep.  None helps.  Yes, I admit.  I am getting far too lazy to be healthy *big heap of sigh*

Anyways, I’ll try.

Oh well, it’s a brand new week already.  Time flies and we are already in the 2nd week of March.  I have this habit of flipping my phone calendar every night before I sleep.  And that really makes me anxious just knowing how easy it is to go by each week.  Someone “consoled” me by saying that I still measure my time by weeks; for him, it’s already by years! *yikes*  I’m thankful for the off day today.  I’m already contemplating to take more days off.  Anyhow…we’ll see if I can pull through this week.  I have loads to catch up too.

Did I mention I went up to Ipoh during the weekend? Just a short trip for food & some weird shopping (not me..just my granny & aunt).  I was suppose to visit the pig farm but the owner was out of town *sad*  So, my piggy brothers & sisters, I’ll be back for you again someday k?

I have to hit the sack now before my head explodes and smothers all over.  Pleasant week to all :)  You may or may not hear from me until the next weekend.  So long!



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