Can it get anywhere more positive?

I noticed there is far too many negative entries in this blog.  I think i once warned my pals that if i start writing, it will be full of bad sad, pathetic stuffs.  So, allow me…once negatized your eyes.  I mean you don’t really have to read my stuffs honestly.  In fact, pls don’t…or u might just join me at the darkest, smelliest end of the IW sewage *blurk*

My tummy is churning like mad.  Diarrhea threats again.  Been like this the past few days.  I’m either not getting enough water or my emo turmoil is riding on a intestine roller coaster.

I was looking at Flickr account.  I’m tempted to go for an upgrade – but it’s not cheap.  I mean, it is not too expensive either.  It’s funny how we can sometimes buy something pretty impulsively which cost a hefty price; but yet certain things we can just conveniently claim that it’s expensive but it’s prolly not even half that hefty price which was impulsively spent… Ok..I take it back.  It’s just me.  I shouldn’t have generalized.  (Yea rite!! I see that guilty grin & felt that vigorous nodding coming from your end!!)

So anyways, now I’m tempted to create another page for wish list.  It really helps whenever you anyone intends to be kind & generous but yet worries it’s gonna be just another impulsive wrong purchase.  Afterall, there isn’t really a need to look for a special occasion to send me a gift *major super duper Colgate grin* Hummm…Perhaps I should! *hik hik hik*  But for now, does anyone care to get me a Pro Account? *flashing another major super duper Colgate grin with extra strand of choi sum* Oh…and in case you wonder how you can actually purchase & transfer the gift to me…read here *tee hee* See or not?…I put in the effort to find out ok?!

Okla…my intestine has been weeping the whole night.  Too much pain & agony till I cannot remember what I initially wanted to write about dy.  So, you’re in luck – this entry does not even hit 11.9999% of the negative rating!

Oh…just so you know…I also want this 😛


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