Sermon Notes – 1 March 2009

It’s been a relatively slow & lazy week.  I’ve been feeling very exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally.  God is truly putting me through a difficult test; placing me amongst the people who are close & dear to me for a spiritual check.  Let’s just say, I have fallen many times and tried very hard to pick myself up too.  But it has been too straining.  All I have left at the end of each day is just a long list of prayer items and I literally beg God to help me with.  “Intervene dear Father” – so I plea.

Last Sunday’s sermon notes took me a week to get it up.  I just couldn’t find the mood to do anything for real.  Not even work *ashamed*  So, here’s the summary of last Sunday’s sermon given by Rev. Kevin Hovey

Sermon title: Communicating Good News in Their World (Mark 16:15-20)

  1. Rev. Kevin Hovey is a missionary who spent 31 years in PNG AOG before moving to Austrialia AOG and still continues serving in the area of missionary and evangelism.  Rev is married to his wife Glenys Hovey and they are both working with Christians around the world to coach and train missionary workers.  More information is available at
  2. This week’s sermon talks about What God Can do: For Us, In us, and Through Us
    • Pastor broke down his sermon into 3 main areas of communicating the gospel to the world – Preaching the good news, The Gospel itself, To the World and taking off; Go!
  3. PREACH: From Mark 16:15, it says “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation”. 
    • In classical Greek it simply means preach like a Herald
    • But in Koine Greek, what this verse means is about Getting the message across – communicate for Jesus
    • 1 Peter 3:15 MSGBe ready to speak up and tell anyone who asks why you’re living the way you are, and always with the utmost courtesy
  4. GOSPEL: What is Gospel? It is about the good news
    • salvation through Jesus
    • When we speak of the good news, what do we think of? How we deliver? Who we are as we deliver it?
    • The good news has to make sense to those who receive otherwise it is not a good news!
    • There is another kind of Gospel – what is Another Gospel?
      • It focuses on doing great deeds to help others who are in need but the acts are misleading in such that people forget where the gospel/blessings come who – men? or God?
  5. WORLD: The good news must not be kept to ourselves.  We should go to all parts of the world and spread the joy of the Lord.  No barrier should be our restriction
    • To bring the gospel and good news to enter another world
    • and wherever we go, we must adapt to the culture, the people, the habits, the lifestyle, the language
    • get to the level where we can communicate on equivalent ground before we start spreading the word
    • In PNG, he once had to quote John 1:29Here is the Lamb Pig of God who takes away the sin of the world.  Although the bible spoke of the uncleanness of the pig, but to the PNG-ians, “lamb”  will not make sense for they have never known of such creature!
    • thus reminding us that we must be willing to submerge into one’s culture before attempting to preach the gospel to the world
    • When he was in PNG, he had to live in a boathouse because it didn’t make sense to waste time on travelling to and fro the village.  The time could be saved for gospel work instead.  However, the lifestyle was almost primitive – no electricity, right on the river surrounded by long grass and loads of mosquitoes.  But Pastor humorously shared this..
    • There are NO SINGLE mosquitoes around the boat house where we lived.  They are all married with big families!

      We fan them away with the big palm leaves because it was pointless to kill them since many more would come for their funeral!

  6. GO:
    • Go – outside of yourself for the good news is for everyone!
    • Go – to where they are especially places where the need of knowing about Jesus is most needed! The lesser Christians, the more the need to go & reach out
    • Go – out from the world and just leave your comfort zone
    • Go – out from your family.  The bible preaches on the importance of our family and our roles towards them.  But if we should trust the Lord in watching over them & be willing to part of our dear ones to fulfil God’s calling upon us
    • Go – from your life grabs and not be blinded by the luxuries & demands that are created by men
    • Go – into their world despite the significant learning curve
  7. Final thoughts for us
    • Which is our unique world?
    • How can we be of good news to them?
    • How can I communicate the good news to them?
    • What other world does God wants me to get involved in?
    • What about those other people wanting to hear the good news?
      • As of 2008, there are 1.871 billion people around the world that has never heard of Jesus
      • Doesn’t this number worry you?

Rev Kevin devotes his life to training more and more young missionaries with the hope that they will be prepared and equipped to go far into the world and take up the cross.  Being such a humorous and yet devoted Christian, it has truly rang the bell in my head – could he be speaking to me?  Those who know me would know how much I long to go on a missionary path.  I just don’t know if I’m ready and if it is meant for me.  Honestly, I haven’t been asking God about it much.  Not that I’m not willing to know the truth; but perhaps…I just don’t know where to start…  there goes another item into my prayer list.

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