Unstoppable Headache

I fall sick very easily ever since my immunity skydived in 2007 – not sure why though.  Prolly b’coz marmee’s not around to cook me goody healthy food.  But things got better in 2008 when she returned, although I still visit the doctor more often than I would to the swimming pool *embarrassed*

I’ve been getting this super unbearable headache the past few days.  I do know it’s b’coz of my bad bad sleeping pattern – staying up till wee hours of the morning and getting only a mere 4 to 5 hours of sleep everyday.  This whole working routine of mine just ain’t doing me any good.  What’s more, the great fantabulous steamy hot weather! *brrr*

Hence, I took a day off.  I must say it was a great choice. Dropped bro off at work and drove back with half my eyes opened (the headache was bad ok..) and dived straight into bed after texting my boss & a colleague to shift all my appointments off. I actually collapsed for the next 1.5hours and got up around 10.30am – then, the workaholic genes starting vibrating and I was off replying emails & making new appointments.  Amazing me..

I decided to bring forward my PT meeting and so I headed down town despite the brick-weight head.  Spent the next 2 hours of so just discussing, debating, proposing, worrying.  I tell you..by the time I left the place, I wished I could just remove my head and dip it into a chilly bowl of guacamole *random siren*

Anyways, I voluntarily went to the Chinese physician (when i go to the doc without much wrestling or negotiation, you know I’m suffering big time) and grabbed some medication.  To my surprise, I was actually told that I could be having minor thyroid problem *eyes open big big*  0_o  I sure hope the doc was only kidding and conveniently mistook my layers of fatty neck as a sign of swelling.  I Google-d on thyroid after dinner and I swear..I don’t even qualify half the symptoms.  For one, I sure can eat & sleep :P  The only few noticeable troubles I’m having are – weight gain (hahaha..clearly I’ve been looking for a culprit to blame) and my painful fingers & toes *ouch*

Oh well, will see.  Perhaps I’ll have my blood tested soon.  For now, I just need to unscrew the nuts and remove my head for the night.