Sermon Notes – 22 Feb 2009

This is my 1st ever serious entry since my pre-augural post.  Occasionally I hope I will be able to pen down some digested bits from the holy side of me.  Forgive me if I seem to suffer from indigestion or somehow caught up with a hiccup…

I remember saying a quick prayer last Sunday before I entered the Sanctuary; asking Father to just lift up that disturbing emotion and congested mind of mine so that I could come before Him and surrender wholesomely.  I also remember saying, “Speak to me, Lord”.  You know, it is indeed very scary when He really speaks.  Scary, because you know He is really listening & watching.

Sermon title: Cultivating Our New Life in Jesus (Col 3:1-17).  Some random notes..

  1. Pastor spoke of the importance of falling back on God’s words.  He shared this 5-finger formula of cultivating the habit of adapting God’s words in our lives:

    RSMMA (Read-Study-Memorize-Meditate-Apply)  

  2. Rid of the old self and renew in knowledge in the image of its creator
    • once we have Christ in our lives, there really isn’t any excuse that could possibly permit us to roll back to the old self and misbehave
    • that really daunt me…did I fail to portray Godliness again?
  3. Rid of bad things such as anger, malice, rage, slander, filthy language, lie..
    • I entered the sanctuary with anger & disappointment. Somehow I allowed frustration and rage to grow inside me even to the point of worship.  But I uttered strings of prayers while others sang repetitively on “What can I do by thank You….What can I do, but praise you. Everyday make everything I do.  A Hallelujah…a hallelujah..”
    • He is really telling me to throw that negative feelings out and instead,
  4. Clothe with the goodness such as compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience
    • *urk* Struggle big time man! and struggling indeed I still am…
    • But I told the Lord that if these had happened because He plans it to be; then, I shalt not dwell over the cause & effect, or actions & consequences – but rather just allow Him to show the way and freely let go of myself.  I pray, I truly pray that I can do so.  For I wish not to fail Him again..
  5. Pastor made a good point that Love is not a feeling or emotion.  Love is by fact, a very practical thing
    • 1 Cor 13:4-8a – Check it out in The Message version
  6. Col 3:17 – In whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of Lord Jesus
  7. Remember that we represent Lord Jesus Christ – let us not be the stumbling rock for others to come to know God

As usual, I drew a lot on my Sermon Outline.  Sometimes I wish I could put in more effort and bring a notebook along to draw.  I think images help me remember better.  So, this is what I drew Sermon Notes 22-Feb-09

I left church with this strong conviction in my heart

Are you paying attention to God?

Are you paying attention to Godly characters?

Are you paying attention to Jesus?


Pray for me would you? Pray along with me I ask.